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Patreon Reward:The Magic of Pregnancy Page 1

Drawn by :iconshujiwakahisaa:

This comic series is a Patreon Reward for :iconjcfox56: who donated $50 dollars to get a series comic.

If you want to get me to commission specific comics for you by writing the script and getting an artist to drawn it (or many of my other rewards) please donate to my patreon here: (NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR ATN)

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Every brother's overprotective reaction towards sister's boyfriend! :heart:

I think that Shining should be like That more towards Timber Spruce than Flash Sentry, too bad the fact that we have yet to actually see Timber's Equestrian Counterpart doesn't give us much to work with, just another reason why Flash is better than Timber, we can get Flash in Both Worlds.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Gee, Shining, what's your problem? Flash is no bad stallion, so what's your beef with him?
wouldn't Flash be able to get way out of range and eyesight of Shinning by going to the clouds? due to him (Flash) being a Pegasus? 
pugwash1's avatar
Shining put the halberd down put it down!!!
Is that a Daedric war axe from Skyrim I see
MeowTigeress's avatar
Twilight...go save your flashy...
animeak116's avatar
Huh overprotective brother. Yeah I can see that
goldorakx69's avatar
fisrt of all shining is not overprotecter but if shining is a overprotecter well twilight will not do nothing cuz shining protect her to mose so no twilight aventure with her friend
not face all kand of danger so no save luna no face discord no save the widdin no save the crystal enpire and no be celestia prodiget so the life will total control be him and
never meet her friend or her love flash plus shining will never be captein of the royal guard so do be sample mlp will not be the way know we love oh i foget is aso no battle with
tirek so equestria is very doom
Pokebreeder25's avatar
locus: i got this *fires tranquilizer dart at shining armor*
It should be "B#% MY SISTER".  Just pointing that out.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
JustSomePainter11's avatar
Everyone and Pony keeps thinking that Shining Armour would reject Flash Sentry to become her boyfriend 
RasenganLucario's avatar
(dies from excessive laughter)
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Heh this is awesome.
Pokebreeder25's avatar
arn't they married in this comic
DeathAngelRei's avatar
22 jump street
Fujin777's avatar

Sheesh Shiny, calm down as you should be happy you'll be uncle.

Boy, Twilight's parent's are either going to be very happy or pissed.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Why would they? Twi's over 18 and has her own job and house, now. They have no say. :-)

But it would be fun to see them dejected at becoming soon grandparents. :-P
Fujin777's avatar
Flurry Heart is there so, nothing to worry about.
FlareEmerald77's avatar
Well he's dead lol
longshotswiftshadow's avatar
I'm almost afraid to ask how Cadence expected him to take it😅
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