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Patreon Reward: From Love Comes Life Page 7

The final page of the patreon reward for Jesse Costello who donated $50 dollars to the patreon and gets a small series as reward for this.

Drawn by


If you are an artist who wishes to work with a comic with me and I like your drawing style, give me a message to see if we can work together.

If you want to donate to my patreon and get rewards like this, visit at…
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GIF My Little Pony - Laugh Awesome comic! And beautiful artwork.

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When you think is going to ok but soon it will be a horrible nightmare

just use the gaurds.
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But wouldn't they be too intimidating, especially if they have the duty of guarding the royal couple?

However, my father tells me that nobles actually do hire people whose job it is to breastfeed children.
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No offense, but what about it is odd, other than the obvious fact of unicorns and pegacorns existing and speaking English?
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Not Pegacorns, Alicorns

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The odd part was the last panel.
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Why is it odd?
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I'm confused as to why they would even have trouble dealing with the babies. I mean, they are only the first born children of the four princess-slash-goddesses of Equestria; you'd think they'd have no less than fifty nannies and nursemaids tending to the kid's every need.
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But this would be a bonding experience between parent and child. Luna probably wouldn't have to worry, though...
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I can understand wanting to bond with your kids and all that, but at the same time they ARE the rulers of an entire empire; as with all royals, the kingdom always comes first, and they can't afford to have their children interfere with their duties. That's why nannies and nursemaids are a thing to begin with, and being the kids of one of the four 'goddesses of ponykind', I would imagine nothing less than the ponies to outright worship the ground they crawl on (okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but ponies are ponies...) and cater to their every need; from having an entire night staff positioned to take care of them when they wake up at night, to a professional team of royal diaper changers on 24/7 standby.
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But raising their children is a part of their royal duties, no? After all, they are the successors to the throne and it would probably make the people of the Crystal Empire happy to know that their future rulers are bonding with their parents.
TyrakatheDragonFan's avatar
Part of their royal duties, yes...but ONLY part.

No. In a realistic and even ideal scenario, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor would only socialize with their children in the same manner normal royals would. Yes, I'm sure the two would WANT to raise their kids normally, but the reality of their titles and duties would not allow them to, as they would be too busy running the governments, politics, diplomatic relations with other countries, etc. of the Crystal Empire. As a result, they would need someone to raise and teach their children in their stead while they tended to their duties. Hence the nannies, butlers, chefs, teachers, etc. that would be introduced to the royal staff come the birth of the babies.

It's an unfortunate set up, but that's simply the way it would be based on the nature of such circumstances; even a show as optimistic as MLP has grounding in reality, and this would be one that would demand it.
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Just out of curiosity, do human royal families do it like this?
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Where do you think the concept came from to begin with? History's full of stories and traditions of royal families across the globe, some of which are outright Shakespearean in nature.
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And no offense, but why would they be expected to perform their royal duties while asleep? Do emergencies really happen that often?
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Last panel, Shining's Last Line

The same chant every parent says when they have their first kid/twins/triplets.
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My father says that staying up until very late at night is unhealthy. Perhaps he should realize that this may be one of the benefits of doing so...
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This is so me and husband right now with a 4 month old puppy 
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Well that escalated quickly......* runs before they ask me to babysit*
*releases a pheromone mist into the room*
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Pheromone mist... like Axe?
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this is awesome!!
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