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Patreon Reward: From Love Comes Life Page 6

A patreon reward for Jesse Costello who donated $50 dollars to the patreon and gets a small series as reward for this.

Drawn by


If you are an artist who wishes to work with a comic with me and I like your drawing style, give me a message to see if we can work together.

If you want to donate to my patreon and get rewards like this, visit at…
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“Way ta handle it like a champ, Cadence.” Pinkie pie (special pancake) plz

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"Please alert the doctor"... how common is it to have the OB/GYN to be pre-selected during pregnancy?
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*slaps shining* SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!
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Shining Snap out of it that's just a bunch of phony baloney Your baby's what each be OK and by that your babies will be in just one piece
Stop worrying about the future, Shining. You've got present to worry about first. Stop fussing about then until then becomes now.
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He's fussing for a reason: remember 06x01 The Crystalling Part 1 ? The guy hardly stayed awake for most of the time, and their baby partially destroyed the damn castle, not to mention a part of a lib with valuable books.
A certain other comic comes to mind, where basically:

"dear shining armor.

Congradulations, you're the father of an entire clutch of changelings.  They even look like you! 

-with love, Chrysalis."
Nice try, Candy Coot. Ya can't break water unless you freeze it.....
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I was just asking because there are people who don't know what that actually means.
Yeah, it was joke. Lol looks like it took off about 5 minutes ago.... ah well....
That tends to happen sometimes. XD no prob.
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You're making a joke, right?
"my water broke" refers to a part of the womb breaking and spilling fluids everywhere.  
Yeah, I know. Lol unfortunately...... it was a joke.
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Poor Shining.. It never easy being a parent for the first time...  Wait until you have a dozen or two.. Oh wait.. Forgetting that the series will not last long enough for that one but one can dream... But maybe.. Just maybe we will get canon male Alicorn ...Naw...  It be a""Girls"" show.. Like that really makes a difference to anyone but Hasbro who has a pea sized brain when it comes to making shows that should be for everyone... In any case... it gave me a good pony laugh...
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Shining Armor, stop worrying and focus... :XD:
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Not an ambulance?
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Why is chrysi's butt messed up? O-o
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Ah the woes and worries of fatherhood. Everything's definitely going too be fine. If anything goes wrong,you may blame the doctor for scaring you
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