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Patreon Reward: From Love Comes Life Page 5

A patreon reward for Jesse Costello who donated $50 dollars to the patreon and gets a small series as reward for this.

Drawn by


If you are an artist who wishes to work with a comic with me and I like your drawing style, give me a message to see if we can work together.

If you want to donate to my patreon and get rewards like this, visit at…
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and you will be in so much pain that's true that's the life of pregnancy

KaydenLindsey's avatar

you think having babies is going to be a okay but but soon babies will turn into your worst nightmare because how loud they cry

samutrai's avatar
doctor: "do you wanna me to tell truht or REAL truht?"

Cadence: "what do you mean doctor?"

doctor: "truht is a mix of truht and lie. REAL truht is what acully can happen. and can give you nightmares for next couple of month."
RasenganLucario's avatar
And this page only serves the purpose of giving nightmare fuel.
There is no link to page 6.
And don't forget the birth poops.
Celestinavigator's avatar
Ever heard of C-section?
sweetsnow2's avatar
Poor parents XD
cinabunbun's avatar
" little horns" i lost it at that omg
somercet's avatar
How does this quack still have a license?
Nothing if not honest! xD
Would you rather these things take you by surprise while you're in intense pain and having trouble with baby horns?
XD Cadance is gonna have Shining in a headlock while she's pushing!
Ismalith's avatar
I think she will kill this guy before shining, just because.
wolf-spirit62's avatar
HA! I love how the doctor is here.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I remember seeing a show where a woman had a Lamaze coach who initially convinces her to go the natural birth route (no painkillers). She watches some videos of women doing just that and immediately and unceremoniously dumps that coach :D.
wolf-spirit62's avatar
My favorite part was in the british show Coupling. For the entire arc of one character being pregnant and everything she was very very much against getting any sort of epidural. And before she went into labor told her boyfriend/husband/whatever it was that under NO circumstances, no matter how much she asks for it, do NOT let her get an epidural.

Right after that shot he is literally thrown out of the hospital room with her threatening to get him an epidural or fucking else. lol
Chroniton8990's avatar
I like this Doctor.
PLEASE tell me they put the Doctor in traction, there honestly SugarCoat honestly and this Bucking moron's version.
samuraivalerie's avatar
... Doc, where you absent when they had the bedside manner classes?
tyruvelp's avatar
*looks into future* - they are all doctors, or playing doctors
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