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I Want To Cry, But I Cannot Shed Tears

This comic was voted by my fans to be my next one shot. The others on the list shall come soon.

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eta-gamma-14's avatar
Way to put a tragic spin on everyone's favorite stoic mare.
kamakane's avatar
While not nearly this bad I have been told I have this condition to an extent. I can feel emotions but it takes a lot more than most people and i have a hard time understanding them unless its over the top.
DRJR6PN's avatar
Sad Freddy is Sad (Chat Icon) STITCH LLORA Gloomy Sad Fluttershy Sad..Sad..Onion Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness Luffy Anime Emoji (Cry) [V4] Kenny Epic Face Rainbow sad MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry Sad Pinkie is crying Applejack (Aww) Plz :(
kabhes's avatar
i always assume that she has autism
Fluffy-boats's avatar
No, I don't know how you got autism from her actions????
kabhes's avatar
what no i mean she acts like someone with autism, not in the insultive way but like she behaves like people with autism sort of do.
Fluffy-boats's avatar
I never thought what you said was in an insultive way, but I don't understand how her actions appear to be almost autistic, she doesn't "act up", as in it doesn't appear she gets any sensory-overloads, I mean, her interest in rocks could be a type of self-stimulation to calm herself down, like the fact she has a pet rock named boulder, but other than that she doesn't really seem like it.
kabhes's avatar
well a lot of autistic people learned to deal with sensory overloads like myself.
but autistic people also have this one obsession over something (the rocks), have problems with showing their emotions and don't really know naturally how to deal with other people.
also they kind of have there own weird things about them like a pet rock or running instead of walking (me).
Fluffy-boats's avatar
hmm, I guess you're right, but she doesn't have autism in this comic, it's another thing... but I've got to say now that you mention it like that it's a good theory for the Maud in the show :0
kabhes's avatar
thank you and yes your right
DiamondDashie's avatar
i want to cry too but i cant cry like other ponies Indigo Zap (Sad Horse) Plz 
penguin04's avatar
You don't owe those who don't understand the slightest expression. And those who do understand would never ask.
BenPanced-II's avatar
Beautiful, Ponystar.  Right up there with "Angels" and that is saying something.
BenPanced-II's avatar
More of a gut-shot than your beautiful "Angels."  That was bittersweet but ultimately uplifting and life-affirming.  This is just brutally sad.  Even moreso because I can identify rather strongly with Maud.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Sad and well done, but she has smiled before so she can show SOME emotion.
HartyVernn's avatar
Amazing! Simply amazing!
I really appreciated that one shot <3, too many feelings ... i'm trying to hold back the tears... Good job man ^^
mlpiloveme123's avatar
awwwwwwww...........also how did marble (the youngest) die??
Centaur71's avatar
good one, srecool; but this is WAAAAY deep for me... :'-(
DrWhoFan611's avatar
This actually reminds me of when my dog died. I had often cried in the most intense of arguments, the times when I don't want to. I cried for myself, for not being treated right and feel like I'm below everyone else. Most of my emotions are for myself, and hardly every anyone else. I didn't cry when my dog died, I even saw him put too sleep since he was so old and sick. I saw his tongue stick out, and not in the funny way you see in cartoons. I heard him whine the same whine he does when he has nightmares at night, like he was trying to fight the shot injected in him from getting to his heart.

I didn't cry, and I was ashamed of it. What makes it worse is that Maud doesn't cry in general, but I cry only for myself. I am such a selfish bastard, so I can feel how Maud felt and relate ever so.
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