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Flurry and Stag Cover art

Drawn by  :iconlittle-tweenframes:

At last we have arrived! The romantic drama story I have been planning for a long time now. Awhile ago I asked the readers if they wanted to see a comic based on one of Shakespeare's plays and Romeo and Juliet was choose with the romance being picked as Flurry Heart and a Changeling. Now before people groan, while this is INSPIRED by Romeo and Juliet it is NOT A FULL ON COPY. There is original material in this, and some stuff that I've added to twist the story up a bit. Plus, instead of it being TRUE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT BLAH BLAH BLAH, it's a growing and developed romance. 

I hope you all enjoy the pages that are soon to come!

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Jordan-J99's avatar

This is going to be an interesting story.

Pum6kin's avatar
Why would Twilight and Shinning Armour be fighting each other? They're in the same family for Faust's sake!!!!
folklore17's avatar
oh NO its My Little Pony: CIVIL WAR
I don't know, I think Romeo and Juliet might lose something if Romeo and Juliet aren't complete impetuous teenage idiots . . . but maybe this way they won't end up suffering from terminal idiocy.

I look forward to finding out what brings Equestria and the Crystal Empire to war.
Simba2k15's avatar
this comic looks amazing just with the cover! when's it getting started? (no rush just curious)
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
The artist had to back out due to getting a job that will take up most of her time. I'm looking for a new one
Simba2k15's avatar
oh ok sorry to hear that and good luck finding someone. (I'd love to help but unfortunately I'm not that good with drawing ponies)
Pokebreeder25's avatar
same here only good at pencil drawing weapons
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
Oh look! It's Princess Heartbraker!
Tamayako's avatar
Seeing Shining and Twilight at the top makes me wonder what will happen with them.

I kinda think that maybe Twilight will be a little more considerate when it comes to Changelings, like "They can't be all bad, just look at this one!"
And Shining, because of his past with them, probably has an insane grudge and prejudice against Changelings as a whole, no matter how nice they are.
RMZERO's avatar
Romeo and Juliet; an adventure of 3 days and six deads. The lovers protagonists included.
chronosaluke's avatar
Im expecting to see this (Y)
Oridons's avatar
Well, nice pick.
If it ends the same way Romeo and Juliet does, then I'm going to look forward to it. :)
Could be fun.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Wait what's that above all about... ARE SHINING AND TWINKLES AT WAR!? Never mind about Flurry and what seems to be Chrysalis's son, I want to know what that all about that's above them?!
tigreanpony's avatar
As long as it ends differently that Romeo and Juliet I'm game.
firecharge44371's avatar
Is this going to be a romeo and juliet?
GhostyGlue's avatar
I'm looking forward to it c:
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Two questions; why is Twilight and Shining gonna be at war and isn't Stag gonna age still over Flurry?

Either way I'm gonna read this
templar127's avatar
OOOOOOOOHHHHH! I'm game with this story! Wanna see dat Stag Changeling love Flurry!! 
Well I'm intrigued. Totally hyped to see where this goes. (Also, is stag in the title a reference to a stag beetle? Or is there something I'm missing?)
folklore17's avatar
Stag? As in Off The Record? THAT STAG!?!
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