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Flurry and Stag: Chapter 1 Page 4

Edit: The dialogue should be easier to read now

Drawn by :iconaschenstern:

Page 4 is here folks

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Page 5

Page 3
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"The circle of life!"

I just had to do that. 😁
I know he seems pathetic sometimes, but Shiny is a grown stallion and was the Captain of the Royal Guard. He can actually take care of himself if he has to.
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"take care of my baby"
"but Cadence"
"and Shining Armor"
"... I promise that I will take care of them and satisfy all their needs"
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...she knows something is going to happen.
>baby is being addressed by Tia
>baby has Tias undivided attention
>baby is getting more attention from Tia than me
>New Objective: Get dat baby!
>Heading to the Kroger to stock up on ammo and weapons
>mfw baby has no idea the world of carnage she waddled into

Dont go to sleep, Furry Fart... >8E
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you do know flurryheart didn't get named until the end of the episode ? no offence this story is au and whoever does the deed to cadance i hope they kick his ass
O.o.... Ooh, shi--
*=> To Be Continued*

I'll be da rooouundabout
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Oh noes! They found their next target!
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Yes much better.
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The first Alicorn born in Equestria, not history.
How do you figure?
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Celestia said 'the birth of an Alicorn is something Equestria has never seen', and Luna added that 'it is beyond even  our understanding'. Given that we have no show canon for their births, all we know for sure is that they've never in their lives seen one born 'in Equestria'. That doesn't mean they've never seen one born at all. We do have the journal of the two sisters written by one of the show writers which tells us Celestia and Luna were born as Alicorns, and came to Equestria from a land in which the population was entirely alicorns, but that is a book, which is soft canon.

So what we know for sure is that no alicorn has been born in Equestria, but we have strong reason to believe it's not the first in history.
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........... she's dead. Everyone cries because that's the only type of romance story Rated seems to be able to write both in Comic and story form.
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I have written romances where nobody dies
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They don't seem to be as often.
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Well this isn't going to go well.
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I'm having trouble reading most texts because i'm slightly colorblind and the light colored text is pretty much blending in with the white background so even if i literally put my face onto the screen i can still barely to not read.. a good example is the last picture i cannot read it what so ever.. sorry for being a bother in some way but if it was a bit more colorblind friendly i'd appreciate it :)

(example of the state of my colorbliindness is where people see purple when i see dark blue red is often like brown to me and poison yellow is green for me)
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I'll see what the artist can do
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Well fast forward with some tiny changes and we have flurry heart, citizens of the Crystal empire.
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I knew there would be a comment like this XD
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