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Flurry and Stag: Chapter 1 Page 3

Drawn by :iconaschenstern:

Page 3 here for all of you to enjoy.

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They're natural spies. You can't blame yourself for not being ready for them. All you can do is remember so you'll be more ready next time.
More like Stag Beetle.... (8/
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Why do the speech bubbles have numbers?
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The artist did that so you knew the order
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Why is '7' in them?
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I should ask her about that.
Someone needs to work on pretty much everything about their word bubbles. They're not in the usual top-left to bottom-right order (except when they are), the order they are in is only indicated by tiny, vaguely number-shaped squiggles (except when they're not), some of the text is so light it's almost impossible to read, and some of the sentences are hanging out of the bubble while others leave significant wasted space.

Not to mention the nurse is going cross-eyed in that last panel.
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Very interesting story, please continue.
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That must be one really starving and violent bug pone to kill somepony. If there are changeling invasions before the marriage swap one then they must have grown less aggressive. If it is the marriage swap one, then that might be what caused thorax to desert the ranks, a horrible scene that he witnessed.
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I can't read what Cadence is saying in the first page. The pink against the white is too hard on the eyes. Maybe a slightly darker pink?
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I can already tell there will be a lot of bigotry towards the changelings.
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it's not bigotry,
the changelings attacked, they are an enemy, till proven otherwise.
Especially since this seems to be a timeline prior to the changeling redemption.

or are you dismissing the feelings of the victims and the trauma they had to live through?
not to mention the loss of those who were widowed and orphaned.
it's very insensitive of you to call those feelings they have to suffer, as mere bigotry.
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I meant towards them in the near future especially that will interfere between Flurry and Stag's romance.
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why do i get a very bad feeling about those sleep meds
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