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Flurry and Stag: Chapter 1 Page 2

Drawn by :iconaschenstern:

And we're back with page 2. For those of you who do not reconize Diamond Rose, she's not an OC I created. She's from the MLP comic #11, the one where we learn how Shining Armor and Cadance became a couple. Basically she's one of Cadance's high school friends. You can find more info here:…

She does play a big role in the story. So expect to see her a lot. We'll be doing our best to get Page 3 done.

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Im waiting for spike to say his line ...

I still refuse to believe that unicorns or alicorns are born in the normal way. The horns are just too obviously problematic. I don't think it's simply a coincidence that baby unicorns have magic surges that allow them to phase and teleport.
Oooh, I like your head-canon. 
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In this comic as in the series, not even Celestia or Luna expected that the baby was a alicorn, That's what bothered me about that episode, nopony on the show even the fans expected that Shinning and Cadence's baby was a alicorn and they did not know why. That is not obvious? Cadence is a alicorn too!  I understand that being a alicorn is something that a pony gets doing an important task, but Cadence is the first official alicorn to have a baby. In addition, I seemed to be the only one who hoped that her baby was also a alicorn, long before he was cannon
She's the first alicorn we know about to have a baby. However, we have no evidence that Cadance was the first pony who was ever elevated to be an alicorn by Celestia (seeing as we have it on good authority that such alicorns are mortal), and once we look to the comics we can even point to direct evidence that Celestia has been training worthy mares to be alicorn princesses since before Luna became Nightmare Moon. If you'll permit me a horse pun, Hockham's Razor says we should assume that there have been many alicorns over the past millennium (or more) and that some of them have reproduced.
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In fact, Celestia and Luna were born as alicorns. According to one of those who make the show, Celestia and Luna besides born being alicorns, They come from an ancient race of alicorns that existed long before Equestria existed.
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And that's why I've been ignoring the show as being non-canon past season 4. If the writers can't keep up with their own source materials, there's no point. The comics did the same thing, they just started making it up.
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Flurry Heart is the anit-christ of Equestria! She will bring about a thousand years of darkness!
Bruh, ah know Candy didn't go through that straight up. XD she had to have went under anesthesia!
Wait... didn't Amy Keating Rogers (you know... one of the show writers prior to her departure?) write Journal of the Two sisters? And didn't it establish that the celestial sisters WERE natural born Alicorns?

(Before anybody brings up that line in The Crystalling Part 1, that book also establishes that the nation of Equestria STARTED with the coronation of Celestia and Luna, meaning they were both born BEFORE the founding of Equestria, so 'the birth of a natural alicorn is something Equestria has never seen' can still be accurate - no natural alicorns have been born in the nation since Celestia and Luna were crowned princesses.)
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I've never read the book. When I heard them say "such a thing is something they've never seen" in the show I assumed they were one normal ponies too before they became alicorns.
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Quite so--Still amazes me how many people misunderstood that line in the show.  :shrug:
Looks interesting (and cute!) so far. Continue.
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Diamond Rose is also in the Playful Ponies line, and that's where she came from :u
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Yes this is quite intriguing but being from Rated-R-PonyStar I am cautious. He usually goes dark but I'm sure this will be very interesting. Looking forward to the next page.
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I'm intrigued....but cautious. XD
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ooh! Sounds intriguing!
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Oh and let me guess.... you're gonna kill one of the two love birds aren't you? That's typically how these things go. Really haven't convinced me otherwise.
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IF someone dies, I'm guessing Cadance, from post-labor fatigue / blood loss etc.

Not that unusual, among both humans and animals, so it's the most likely option here.
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Yeah.... not gonna be happy in either case.
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