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I did not draw this. The idea and dialogue was my idea but it was drawn by my friend Kill Joy who I worked with in making this.
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no es lo que esperaba pero estoy satisfecho
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Wing Boner!!!! Flash you hound.👿
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if i'm to use my common sense (your might say something different) it's probably a thing they do when suprised
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no its when they feel like turned on 
i  think it's their instict of "oh shit i better get out of here" when suprised. makes sense when you think about it. they are pegasi, and there obviously was once a time where pegasi were... less civilized.
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no when their wings pop up like that its cause of a wing boner
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Did ponies have often wing boner or it's rarely situations when are they really turned on ? PS:you are the best pony rainbow dash i have ever saw in my life
Ha!  You just can't beat FlashLight.  Deal wiht it, you miserable peons!
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 It is funny.
Wtf    but that two last panels?
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Well you do crazy thing when you are in love.
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Strangely, I want to see more of this.
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Sadly, the artist who drew this for me (I provided the idea) no longer draws.
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Hmm its to follow them..... Assasin's Creed style. * goes to their meeting place *
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All the fanfics just became awkward
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I wonder who the dom will be.
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WHAT DA F##################K?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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FINALLY I can fav.
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last two scenes
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