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Flash Sentry the Pervert

Just a little funny comic. Drawn by :iconstr1ker878:

Message from the Artist: "Made by :iconolga-engel: in collab with :iconstr1ker878:. P.S. Hey, :iconofaifer:, thanks for giving me enough boot to get this done!"

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Then again, before the Mane 6 came in, Luna did have Laughter as one of her share of the Elements.

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Who is what happens when you go to the girls bathroom
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Well...goodbye Flash, it was nice knowing you.
gattuvem72's avatar
So is the The Night family composed of pranksters or something?
Omegadawn76's avatar
Well he's been sent to the moon... in a "Flash" XD 
JM001kkkk's avatar
eldegron's avatar
one more guard send to the moon and is flash, Luna must be speaking with the fandom XD
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ofaifer's avatar
Hum. Weird. I clearly remember telling Str1ker not to use my work on this anymore. Not your fault, I'd guess. Still, bit annoyed. Such is life, I guess.
obriannakenobi's avatar
Luna, why would you do that?
gattuvem72's avatar
She and her sister may just be pulling a family prank.
That's so well played! XD
JonasLans's avatar
And that's how he ended up transferred to the Crystal Empire.
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wha flash is tarcal of all stupi joke like waifu steler,a perver,a idiot.....oh come flash is a nice ... in devopement and luna will never do this ...a gaurd yes meby but luna no
but nice work and nice try to make me laugh
arthunter3's avatar

Luna, you freaking bitch!
RasenganLucario's avatar
Luna: Trollolololololololololol
FoxMan0224's avatar
Hehehe. Luna's such a troll.😄
white-tigress-12158's avatar
Bad Luna! That was mean!
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
Good Luna! She's learned so quickly.
>8(.... prepare for extreme ruing, flash mob...
*gets the caster oil*
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