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Broken Promises Page 4 (End)

Drawn by :iconruthawesome19:

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goldorakx69's avatar
nice story but we dont know chrysalis past
AstralFrankie's avatar
Like Chrysalis told her mother, she wasn't ready to be queen.
samuraivalerie's avatar
there are quite a few rulers in history with the same empathy
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Your mother would still be proud.
AstralFrankie's avatar
You're being sarcastic, right?Hahahahaha. No. 
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
What no! I'm not! I mean i guess her mom would be more proud of her grandson thorax.
tigreanpony's avatar
It was a sad story but very nicely done, all I have to say is what happened to that promise. Still great work keep it up, always love your comics.
AstralFrankie's avatar
Well, seeing that her changelings took their first opportunity to find a different way of living other than what Chrysalis gave them, due to how much of a tyrant she was, and she refused to lead them into a prosperous way of life, I'd say that the title says it all.  Don't you agree?
Delta52775's avatar
Well damn that was a sad but good story.
ttkitty441's avatar
The title should be promises not "promsies"
Sturmlion1's avatar
So good she and her people have holes all over there body's and she was left alone. Man, didn't the previous Queen leave her any advisors?!? 
RuthAwesome19's avatar
I'm glad someone noticed that and wasn't like... rude(?) about it. I thought someone might've been mad that I deviated from the canon. Anyways, thanks for making me laugh. :)
Sturmlion1's avatar
We don't know anything as whats canon. So your take is as good as any other!
SecminourTheThird's avatar
All you had to do was accept the damn friendship, QC.

i still do legitimately wonder how long things really would have worked out if the changelings took over in a violent manner. yes, you've got a lot of love to consume, but can any more be produced in a sustainable manner when you hold a tyrannical rule over everything? if you maintain the disguise without being revealed, then yeah, that might work, but what about a situation like if twilight lost the fight against her in canterlot? everyone knows you're here then, and they may generally know of what misdeeds you had done. is the love still produced in a sustainable manner, or is it like a cooler full of drinks on a summer day? it'll last you a while, but not forever
TheKillerShaymim's avatar
Oh my god, THANK YOU. I always thought about this, but nobody ever seemed to really answer it. Like, how could they absorb love through forced means? Doesn't it have to be genuine? The whole thing honestly just baffles and really puts Chrysalis a lot lower on my list of good villains.
SecminourTheThird's avatar
To Where and Back Again showed that love can be forcibly taken, but again, that just leads to my drinks cooler analogy. So as long as someone notices the changelings and tells others about their plan, Chrysalis really should have some sort of trouble with her takeovers.
TheKillerShaymim's avatar
Yeah. Plus, how filling is love taken by force anyway? I bet it's not very filling to begin with.
NellzDaBlackKing's avatar
Well we still kinda have to look at it from their point of view, out of all the sentient races in Equestria, changelings are probably seen as the most disgusting and/or scary race compared to the others. I mean an insectoid, emotional vampiric pony is probably the equivalent to the Nosferatu clan from Vampires the Masquerade. They probably attempted peaceful methods in the past but it didn't get them far because of their natural forms which is why they resort to deceit ask the time for food. While I agree that the way Chrysalis went about it wasn't the most brightest of ideas, I can see her intentions in a long run.
TheKillerShaymim's avatar
Do we know for certain that they tried peace? We're assuming based on their looks that they tried and failed. However, we have no goddamn evidence to say they did. I get sick and tired of people saying "Well they look creepy, so they probably tried diplomacy and failed because of it.". I don't want assumptions, I want proven facts in this case.
NellzDaBlackKing's avatar
Well I didn't say they did, I said probably, that being the key word right there. I don't know if they ever have or not, but regardless I'm pretty certain their looks are a factor to not being easily accepted in a society where meat eating lion-bird creatures, bipedal cow people, and technicolor flying and/or magic using equines can more or less live amongst each other peacefully. We know the last possible three Sirens were banished from Equestria for using their magic for empowerment and food since they feed off of negative energy, so maybe with the Changelings they don't want a repeat since they feed off of love. We don't have enough lore for the Changelings to have facts so it's all speculation and theories for them and no definites.
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