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AtN: The Revenge on Derpy Hooves - Part 1

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Derpy's the main focus on this story, but we'll see Vinyl involved as well.

Drawn by Gray/Terminus: terminuslucis.deviantart.com

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R-DollHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, that's one way to start poker night X-X
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:iconfluttershybutterflys::iconsaysplz:A quick death was more kindness than you deserved, pigeon killer.

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Oh, is it? But a pony's death is totally acceptable, eh, Fluttey? :-P
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Eevee-Trainer1Hobbyist Writer
And someone killed him? Well so much for him.
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ummm Probably less than that.... way less... maybe you won't even go anymore?
fotland42's avatar
Damn Dawn Crusaders. Do you want to see a world where vampires assume law enforcement is out to get them?
Crescent-Minor's avatar
Crescent-MinorHobbyist General Artist
What the hell?! No way is this what it looks like; death penalty for poaching?
Well, then again, Equestria is a place where all the animals are sapient and have rights ... Still, this seems like an overreaction.
AngelFreddy's avatar
I don't think the dawn knights did it.
BoosterDrive's avatar
That impacting stab didn't come from the pigeon mare, but the throwing dagger did came from some pony looming through the dark. 
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darthrivanHobbyist Writer
He's lucky pony Mike Tyson didn't get to him first.
De-Lupe's avatar
Pigeon Lady - "VENGEANCE!"
Sindraq's avatar
daaaamn... pretty harsh treatment... it was only pigeons, not worth killing him over...
tigreanpony's avatar
damn it seems someone doesn't like how the Dawn Knights keeping the Vampires alive.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Or never? On the bright side, he gets to spend a lifetime in tartarus.
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
Ok, somehow I hear a part of the song Once Sealed in Blood by Amon Amarth here:

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DragonBlitz85Hobbyist General Artist
... No.
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samuraivalerieHobbyist General Artist
*grabs arrows*
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theadminguyHobbyist General Artist
And yes, got to throw a knife into her
technosis's avatar
Well his eyes didn't go gray, so he's not quite dead yet.
werewolf700's avatar
RIP pigeon sucker High Jump.  We barely knew ye...  Literally.
(I actually did want to know more about him, don't know why.)
Sturmlion1's avatar
Looks like a minor crime warrents execution these days. Not exactly covering themselves in glory here, killing a captive who killed a few pigeons.
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