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AtN: The Hooves Twins - Part 6

I think I'm the first person to write Derpy s a racist, granted she isn't no longer but still. I can hear the Brony SJW's screaming about how I'm "litteraly hitler" from here, Lol.

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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"I can hear the Brony SJW's screaming about how I'm "litteraly hitler" from here, Lol."

SJW really ?

...No one would even make a snide comment on it. That is a common trope. Had you not used buzzword no one would have paid attention to that. Ironically you're the one who brought the problem.

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I guess Derpy regrets her past prejudice against vampires.
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Wow I never see Derby like that before...

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Brony SJW? Bugger them. :-P
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See, they should really be seeing Dawn Knight counselors about this. I'm sure there's plenty of ponies who join the Dawn Knights to protect ponies from the monsters, and aren't thrilled about the duty to also protect the monsters as long as they don't break the law. And it's not exactly a recipe for success when your police force views an entire segment of the population as criminals. If the Dawn Knights have any sense, they specifically check all their recruits for this sort of attitude and mandate therapy to address it as necessary.
She totally meant that the Vampires are blood suckers of society, leeching on the public services of Equestria without contributing. :)
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Racism. It's a terrible thing.
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You know they say there's a first for everything and goddamn I believe you deserve an award for this dude of Derpy. Granted it's reasonable why she's so biased against vampires, but still.
She just wanted to thank them :(
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... Yup I can hear them too, those are surely Brony SJWs for sure
This reminds me a little bit of the Hunter: The Reckoning Creeds. 

I think Derpy's brother may be going more the Avenger Creed route while Derpy will end up as Redeemer
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Ok, this is the kind of soldier i'd rather leave behind in a firefight.
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well that's harsh :(
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Nothing wrong here. She is acting how she is feeling to because of what happened to their parents. Thats only fair. In addition, she changed her attitude since she is friend with Vinyl now. So there is nothing anyone can complain about. I really like this comic and how it is going btw.
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O.O Ditsy that was cruel but in order to understanding i think i would do the same thing
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Wow, rude and sassy.
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Ah, now I see where they started to separate from each other, this is going to be good, can't wait for the next page.
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Derpy....daughter of Mogh.......
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