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AtN: The Hero In Blue - Part 4

Before you ask, no Diamond Dogs are not werewolves.

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
Oh no. Not the Diamond Dogs. This can't be good.
Gonna take em to see their Battletoads.... >8)
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I should hope not. Diamond dogs are not at all imposing enough for that job.
ChaoticNote's avatar
Don't worry! They're just going to give you their red popsicles! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
samuraivalerie's avatar
.. Why am I suddenly scared for Joyfull?
AspiePie's avatar
Hot Ponies kidnapped by Diamond Dogs////
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh this will be interesting I wonder what Vinyl will do to the Diamond dogs.
Coora's avatar
Belly rubs belly rubs, brushy brushy~
KaylaHorse12's avatar
I see where this is going huehue
No-Time-For-Caution's avatar
There's death in the air...
templar127's avatar
Witcher Vinyl should be out any minute now!
xMarkedLucario's avatar
but i have a feeling vinyl will take care of them with her swords 
xMarkedLucario's avatar
those poor mares if i was there right now those dogs will be "in a better place"
firecharge44371's avatar
Time to be placed in trafficking 
jaxonnobles's avatar
I know they're supposed to be menacing but they just look like giant anthro puppies!
Phycodeath's avatar
hideous anthro puppies
LSDInkvizitor's avatar
...and then, bloody things happened.
Drakenhof's avatar
I hope Vinyl likes dog blood
DaCountdownOfTime's avatar
DAMN DIAMOND DOGS! they gonna get fucked up by vinyl bruh
mr-Sy's avatar
i hope vinyl won't be stupid
Delta52775's avatar
Well now this got exciting very quickly, can't wait for the next page!
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
I know what awaits them: An epic vampire rescue thingy. :)
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