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AtN: The First Reborn Cult - Part 1

Some people never listen

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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hehehe the look with those squinting eyes is both cute and threatening at the same time

CocoCandy2007's avatar

Oh THATS what she wanted to say.

tails208's avatar

Why does this reminds me of a Anime called vampire knight

TheBrandonian's avatar
Kinda hard to take a judging stare seriously when only one eye is actually staring at you...
theshinymeganium's avatar
Suden speach bubbles.
timelordderpy's avatar
OK! I just really had to get this out there!😆
While reading your comic an idea just popped into my head during this of an awsome ending you might like
Though I wasn't sure if you take suggestions or not but I'd thought I'd share it with you (just in case)
What I thought is at the end while vinyl and Octavia are walking around ponyville. Vinyl bumps into a stallion Neon Lights and notices that he has a pair of pointed teeth! Yes Neon lights is a vampire
Alrighty I just really had to get that out let me know what you think😄
This is sweet and all, but what the hell happened to Lyra and Bonbon?
Kyoshi001's avatar
derpy is a meirun daigon supporter ( mythic dawn from elder scrools oblivion)
Yes, yes, this is good. By the time 'Tavi comes down off her adrenaline, she'll already have started getting used to the idea that her roommate is a vampire. It'll really make everything so much easier.
Was that blood tested first!?
Vinyl: O_O.....
Me: X'D
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
It teaste like.....metal ?
Oh no, not tasted. Tested. XD Viny's in trouble....
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
Sorry I got some trouble with english XD
Ah, it's alright. Hehe, now put on my shirt. If Twiley comes and sees ya, she's gonna run at ya to give you a hug. Make sure to go up and greet her.... (8)
dervonnebenaan's avatar
Vinyl's hoof reaching out for the blood conserve in the first panel... looks reeeaaally weird. But the second panel totally makes up for it.
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the link to this page isnt on the previews page
vinyldarkscratch's avatar
Sorry about that, I'm leaving that part disabled in the automatic uploader script so it runs quicker, that is until the rest can run quicker.  X3
Animatorsnake's avatar
Wow, Derpy bringing in the law
I figured that's how the Dawn Guard worked. Still I'm relieved that Vinyl doesn't seem to be in trouble for ripping the other vamp in two. 
Meownimator's avatar
what is vinyl drinking? ketchup, tomato juice, or blood? if so... who'se blood? >:D
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