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AtN: The Deal-Part 3

Part 2 -- Part 4

This is a patreon reward for :iconx-vinyl-scratch-x:. We wish to remind you that while this comic does take place in the ATN world, but its not canon with the main story.

If you pledge 20 or more to our patreon, you get a chance to write your own story in the ATN world either by giving us a script or you request an idea and I write the script before Gray draws it and its published. Each update is monthly instead of weekly like the main series.

If you wish to donate please visit our patreon at…

The Characters of Flamerunner and Crimson below to

Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.
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it's me or they have the same cuti mark


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I'll take pretty hearts over other shapes on my face...
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ya i saw the next page 2 days ago XD
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Look at it this way: those bars stand between you and a wide variety of stupid things you could be doing. Think of it as being in protective custody from yourself.
xMarkedLucario's avatar
lol true on that he dose get into trouble alot
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been awhile since I've seen a classic face squiggles trope xD
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Drawing on the face! Classic!
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The ed one reminds me of Blank Check
FCtheHalfDragon's avatar
I just noticed... they both have the same cutiemark
Sanluris's avatar
But his drawings were so beautiful. I don't see what the problem is!
sigel4ever's avatar
is temtin do that, but please, isn't supposed a stealth mission?
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
Way to fuck yourself, bro. THat man has perfected the art of digging a hole, putting that hole inside another hole, and digging yourself into a third hole inside the hole you previously put in a hole.
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40 years for breaking and entering the royal castle? Not sure if that's hypocritical or he's just not lucky. Starlight got off with community service for attempted rebellion against the crown, multiple accounts of theft of a cutie mark, verbaly assaulting an equestrian princess, assault of an equestrian princess, and messing with the time line.  
StringPetounPing's avatar
I think it is just a scare tactic. He didn't got a trial yet so they prabably want to settle for something smaller but scare him enough so he does not do it anymore.
zfragger's avatar
That all depends whether or not Equestria is a absolute monarchy or not.

If this Equestria is an absolute monarchy then Sky Blaze might not get a trail and be left to rot until someone higher up like the captain of the guard or another princess can convince Celestia or Luna that he will not do it again.

If Equestria is not then Flame Runner is just scaring Sky blaze until trail.

Judging by what has happened in the comic and what is cannon the former seems to be most likely the case.
StringPetounPing's avatar
Well, it the first page, he talks of lawyer, warrant and pleading the fifth. This imply a justice system. I am not sure how much Celestia is willing to use her discretionary to not But since the higher judgment were given by the privy council of state that were composed of the king itself and a handful of handpick  men of law. This trial could be short and biaised but this pony would still have to go in front of it to get his final sentence.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
He's gonna be so mad.
LSDInkvizitor's avatar
For a moment, i thought he did it to Luna.

Although her sister would found that amusing, he'd better not to sleep for rest of his life.
ZacharyHergen's avatar
Nah, Celestia did that one herself. Nobody pranks her sister but her.
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