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AtN: Shadow Combat - Part 8

What will happen next? Take a guess.

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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kacript's avatar
Now for the moment of truth, can their friendship continue, with the truth of what Vinyl really is.
SnowyLilacs's avatar
first Octavia will give her a big hug,then chew her a new butt hole
AJR001's avatar
Well, no use in hiding it now Vinyl... :XD:
Yeah, gurl. She's a vampire. I saw da whole jazz behind dat tree over there! Ah took off with mah big behind cause ah thought ah was gon be next! Ain't nobody got time fo dat! XD
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hippiecooler's avatar
I'm guessing either a hug or a slap. Or Octavia turns into a Lycan. That would be cool too.
Or a hug, slap hug.
nutty-stardragon's avatar
S h i t
What does it spell for?
nutty-stardragon's avatar
Vinyle you gonna have a BAT timr
your comics are actually understandable, unlike some i see (they were on the web though, real comics might be less confusing)
The-Fire-In-My-Eyes's avatar
your profile pic suits your comment
WolfFurryMage's avatar
Just look at Vinyl's body language.... she is going to try to run. Make sure she doesn't runeed octavia!
Phoenix360's avatar
First will come the confrontation of the fact Vinyl is a vampire, Octavia will slap Vinyl, then they will go look for Lyra and Bonbon, find the bad guy, then go home and grill Vinyl (not literally).

At least that's what I think will happen
Nina-Dragons-12's avatar
I'm glad that Octy seems to be overlooking all the gore.
djangod51's avatar

Sorry but the normal "fightfightfight" just seems wrong for the moment.
I'm glad that Octavia still likes/trusts Vinyl. I'm also glad Derpy is there to help if more vampires show up or to help rescue the others. I am curious though what would have happened if those two had shown up a few minutes earlier while Vinyl was still in shadow form.
Scoot11's avatar
Shut your mouth, Vines. 'Tavi's happy to see you alive no more dead than you were before. Don't ruin the moment with words.
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