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AtN: Shadow Combat - Part 1

There are actually three modes of Shadow Combat.

This is first mode, it's about as Strong as Twilight before she was an alicorn.

Second mode would make the user as strong as Cadance and Twilight as alicorns.

Third and final mode makes you a match against Celestia and Luna

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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That's remind me Shadow Fighter 3 game

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You sir just entered a world of pain... I hope you got some band-aids, you going to need it
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So, you're fighting using the absence of light... You know that light is a force unto itself, and darkness is not. There's a reason why there's no such thing as a flashdark.

+1 sin(s)
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No, you need light to see and since this is shadow combat, there was too much darkness to see the memories properly. Headcanon Created.
You can't see shadow magic in somepony's memories. Don't be silly. It's shadows. It looks like somewhere that there's nothing to see.
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His ass is about to get handed to him. He should've never taunted her. 👌🏿
Looks like some vampire's about to die...

I just hope Vinyl can come back to herself once this is all over...
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yeah,otherwise Dame Derpy Hooves might end up hurting Vinyl
Or perhaps the other way around... or worse still, both at the same time.
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come to think about it: will Derpy hunt Vinyl because she (bass pony) is a vampire? or is Derpy going to be like "well, you did save quite some ponies and maybe all of Equestria, so i gonna let you go. but one thing: if you get hungry, ask first." and let her go once this is all over?
Looks like she's gonna use her Shadow Trap on that girl..... Too bad her blood's green.....
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Shite just got real!
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OMG! is very good , continues to please
What happens if luna enters NMM mode? 
She'll wake up inside and start crawling in her skin....
Damn thats dark and hardcore stuff

i like it
*the wait for ThatAverageGuy to get the joke intensifies*
I knew it was a linking park ref. duh
Yeah, I know. Lol I was just trying to be intense...
It was cool. Anyway keep the wood work! Things are getting interesting
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Reminds me of Anti Form from Kingdom Hearts.
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