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AtN: Seeker's Mistake - Part 7

Shadow Combat was inspired by both Sora's Heartless mode from Kingdom Hearts and four tailed Kyuubi mode from Naruto.

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

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vinyal: you done goofed

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sh*ts bout to go down

Whoops! Didn't see that coming, did you, Seeker?
Apparently the seeker did not read that far into her mind.
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Now it IS really hitting the fan for that Jackass!
Shit is hitting the fan! 
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[insert Anti-Form joke here]
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It was at this moment, Seeker knew . . . he f*cked up.
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Eugh, This comic is decent, but the fact that it tries to be anime so much (Anime is already ass, so this is just wannabe-ass), it's getting really hard to keep reading, and I'm only this far in.
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Vinyl has evolved into Venom
EndertheDark's avatar
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Niiiiiiiice B)
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Oohohohho, it's very interesting !
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♪Someponies gonna die Tonight♪ (Hint, Somebody's gonna die from Romeo Must Die)
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Interesting power and nice combo for design. 
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I may be to 1/4 a shadow
But that😦 i have to learn more skills
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Shadow + Halo: Combat Evolved

I know this is serious, but really, first thing that came to mind!
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in the second panel, this dude kinda looks like a girl...
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And this is why Lasombra's are the most badass vampire clan.
its probably been posted before but here is whats about to happen to seeker. 

[warning: naughty language]
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lol, why would i want to view the next comic? i want to view the next Page! xD
p.s.: a "To the First Page" button would be Awesome.
Powerful people really need to know the limits of those who might rise in opposition to their plans... More might survive if they convince our anti-heroes to do the wicked deeds for them...
Welp. She went Ponythulu.
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