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AtN: Seeker's Mistake - Part 6

"Insert Over 9000 Joke Here"

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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Now you've gone and done it, Seeker!
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"Think about all the people you're fighting for, and how much you care about them! Let that be your weapon"
EndertheDark's avatar
Raaaaah Super saiyan
Ithink some one that Reads Minds Just Screwed up!
RasenganLucario's avatar
Why do I have a feeling in the next panel Vinyl's going to say something along the lines of: "YOU JUST MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!"
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
Lyokoheros's avatar
Wait is he meant... something like Sombra's magic?
El-Jorro's avatar
bout to go down!
Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
And we're going to see a super powered Vinly aren't we? Sweet!
malis22's avatar
and vinyls gone super sayian 
Cyan-Sky's avatar
Oh shit that's how she got her spiky hair...huh...
That's the thing about cocky d bags like this. Sometimes they think 'oh if I pick on her most painful faliures then I've broken her' but it a lot of cases that doesn't work. There's a little saying that goes like this, 'pride comes before the fall' and in a lot of fiction this is the case. The cockiest b******'s tend to dig their own graves when they think they've got power over the hero.
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Dont Mess With Vinly Family X3
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:iconterrycrewsplz:She got the ... POWEEEEER!!!
AngelFreddy's avatar
well, he crap the basket now.
RoboRed's avatar
...Vinyl's mad.
Well, she's certainly doing something.
AJR001's avatar
This is gonna hurt... :XD:
ChaosDX1's avatar

Nothing I love more than absolutely overpowering an ass like this guy.
PrincessTwilight54's avatar
ooohhhh  one vampire pony are done 
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