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AtN: Saving Pinch - Part 6

Insert whatever fight music you like

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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aaah yes, there here is, the muffinmare xD

CocoCandy2007's avatar
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"Winner buys muffins later!"

That is so Derpy. 😄
Scamper57's avatar
Megalovania slowly fades into the background…
Sanluris's avatar
Hmm....Derpy and Vinyl beating ponies up reminds me a lot of one of KanashiiPanda's animations...
"Guardian" -…
Shouldn't it be the case that the last one with enemies remaining buys everypony a round of muffins?
AstralFrankie's avatar
Looks like it's on.EVIL Laughter! 
Ay, yall! Ah got mah crew with me right now! We bout to run up n bust some heads, too! Way you at, Dracula!?
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Those two are liking those odds... :XD:
Insert Epic Fight Music.…

Epic Fight Music Has Been Inserted.
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For them: EZ!

Derpy and Vinyl are on the same team, that's what makes this so great. 
UniversalBlue's avatar
I like only catch your comic every 10 panels or so but I'm always excited for the next ten!
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Even kicking vampire ass, she's obsessed with muffins.
Rainbow-Night's avatar
wouldn't it be last one to knock them out buys?
CyberfoxVII's avatar
She's hoping Vinyl won't notice the exact wording.  ;P
Muffins are a great after-battle snack. 
girthaedestroyer's avatar
I shall buy all da muffins!😈
Plus, anybody else think that the other pony (forgot his name) is kind of a whiny little punk?
Nice! Now I'm thinking of Legolas and Gimli with their kill-count competition.

Now fight!
There are actually only 25 here. Derpy and Vinyl counted a few of the same ponies.
LadyDaliena's avatar
Oh, boy... I'm worried about what Mobius is going to do while/after they fight...
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