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AtN: Saving Pinch - Part 3

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SLAP A BITCH! Double slap attack Hidenori Slap Motoharu Icon Face slap Fluttershy

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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...if he needs Seeker's power, why is he encouraging him to go kill himself against a superior opponent?
Let's see some consistency, Mobius.
Rainbow-Night's avatar
Tch! That smack probably felt like a pillow cushion. I'd give dat nigga a swirly if he tried to smack me like that! XD
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Good plan. Tell your underling you'll pretty much kill them the moment they stop becoming useful. There's no way that will ever come back to bite you in the butt. Not at all.
Please make more parts ;)
They are awesome!!!!!!!!!!
feels good to catch up after a full 2 weeks of holidaying
PrincessTwilight54's avatar
u cant run away from me!!!!!
damonika2009's avatar
No sympathy here. Bringing up one's dead sister gets none from me. XD
You probably should, though. I bet Seeker would be more useful to you dead than alive.
Smack them again! Whack, Thwack, 
samuraivalerie's avatar
oh no... no, no, no, don't pull 'Greed's remorse" on me. please....
Animatorsnake's avatar
Oh you motha bucker... YOUR DEAD!
ForeverNightmares's avatar
welp he got lucky...
tigreanpony's avatar
Yep no Sympathy from me either, Just hurry Vinyl.
RBDoucette's avatar
No sympathy here.
ChaoticNote's avatar
I KNEW IT. I knew he'd smack a bitch!
templar127's avatar
Dat bitch slap is nothing compared to the ass-whooping Derpy will bring!
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Aye. And that's without counting Melody Song (?)/Vinyl Scratch shadow combat. :-O
speedox12's avatar
Haaaahahahahahaha, you jus' got bitch slapped!
Pokebreeder25's avatar
i sense future betrayal
wolf-spirit62's avatar
lol at all the people feeling bad that she was slapped...

Never mind that she knowingly and willingly is part of a cult that leads countless ponies  \to their painful horrific deaths.

Never mind the ponies in the earlier strips getting ripped in half.

Slapping someone though oh now THATS where the line is drawn.

LOL You people are so backwards, it's hilarious
I agree. I used to play a human character in a chat room with people who played vampire characters and seeing their rationalizations was really funny. their character would kill some random passerby.  No problem. My character makes a dirty remark about vampires being cruel and suddenly he was told he needed to learn not to be hateful. LOL
wolf-spirit62's avatar
Yea. Now don't get me wrong, I love villains...I don't even mind Seeker here... but don't try to rationalize one characters horrible actions then act like they're the victim when something turns around on them. It's fine to not want to see something bad happen to them, but don't try to act like what minor thing that happens to them is terrible when what terrible act they preformed before was not. lol
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