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AtN: Saving Pinch - Part 12

Two more chapters to go before the arc ends.

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

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HOLY S****

nice I love it

Luna's back to kick some vampire cult flank, #@$&^%* !
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oh I love that look on luna.
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Love the Scythe for Luna.
Someone Is Screwed ...
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LUNA!!!!! AWWW YEAH!!!!!
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Yea princes luna!!!! 😄
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The cavalry has arrived
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quee pony tracer.

and also good horse pun.
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love those two eye colors XD
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And the Princess of the Night makes her way in. So nice of you to join us Princess.
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Oh... hell.. YES!
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oh, wow... they are in deeeeeeeeeep shit... I can't wait to see this! :D
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So does her right eye turn red only when she uses her vampire powers?
Aw, dang! Lulu ridin with her crew! XD She gon shove dat 12-inch blade up somewhere juicy in a couple seconds! Lmbo!
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Is it wrong my personal character, who is half demon, and also a dhampir, is more powerful than Luna?
X'D Is he black and red or black and purple!?
A) She
B) She has human coloration but wears a black hooded trench coat (think Assassin's Creed/Dishonored/Reaper)
C) She is not actually a pony, but an inter-dimensional creature of people called half-brids, half human, half animal
Hehe. Does she listen to Evanessence or Linkin Park?.... Owo
She also can enter a demonic rage when hyper-stressed, hyper-angry, or even by choice, usually killing everyone within 1 mile. Even her friends and family (Twilight and Rainbow, who were turned into half-brids after a terrible accident) are not safe from her wrath
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