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AtN: Moonlight Love - Part 9

"Oh sure, you get a drug dart. I get three arrows in the neck! Blah!"

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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kacript's avatar
Called it. Dinky's dad wasn't around in the present day, so something had to have happened to take him out of the picture.
Okay, putting three arrows in the neck of a fellow Dawn Knight is definitely excessive and definitely going to get you in trouble.

But I am impressed with your aim.
Hexedecimal's avatar
That's treason right there (or some form of it), shooting an officer of the same Dawn Knight he's in! 0_0
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Same Dawn Knight or not, that's shooting a fellow Equestrian. And a current member of the Equestrian Armed Forces/Law Enforcement Forces. That only spells aggravating factors, when the culprits are put on trial.
Must’ve enlisted Legolas.
I really want to see him get revenge.

What if he fell on the arrows and drove them further into his neck?
AJR001's avatar
Boom. Neck shot. :XD:
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CrystalPegasus2001's avatar
...Anyone else think their darts are a bit disproportionate? o-o
templar127's avatar
*after drug dart*

"GADS!! I left my muffins in the oven!!"
Sanluris's avatar
Well, balls. This was just a great night! :stare:
Scyphi's avatar
Hmpf. Admittedly not the course of action I was now I'm not entirely sure what to expect next...

...the best kind. :D
ArtGuruSauce's avatar
And then he took three arrows to the throat
Chimzembque's avatar
What better way to change your sister's mind than kill her friends and poison her.  How subtle... 
Eskerata's avatar
Wow, that was an arrowing experience.

(I'll go sit in the corner now.)
InfiniteHeartStudios's avatar
I think that pun was right on target. 
DaRealPowerNarth's avatar
It was a little bit "stingy"
InfiniteHeartStudios's avatar
I mean, it did make me "quiver" a little bit, but I still think she was aim'n to make us laugh.
DaRealPowerNarth's avatar
Yeah, i know. But still, it was a bit "needy".
Evieawesome88's avatar
"Nock" on wood. I hope these puns are over
DaRealPowerNarth's avatar
Why? "Woodn't" you get bored of your life without the puns? You're just a little bit on the opposite of "SANSe"
Scyphi's avatar
My gosh, I just can't compete with all these puns... :P
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