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AtN: Moonlight Love - Part 5

Well, this is going to be awkward Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Lip Bite 

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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What are you talking about? Sky is such a chill dude! I'm sure he'll be just fine with this.
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Oh this going to be really bad isn't it? Something tells me he wouldn't take it well.
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Theory 1:  Brother becomes violently opposed to Derpy's relationship.  i.e.  kills her lover.

Theory 2: Derpy and On'nyun have celebrated the honeymoon Before the marriage and Derpy is expecting now,  unknown to her.
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I really don’t that first one happening. Sure, he’ll be VERY opposed to the idea, but that would do WAY more harm than good. Derpy would not only be CRUSHED by that, but she would also despise her brother, and her brother would probably be arrested. On the other hand, he might be so angry that wouldn’t think straight, so... not sure what would happen...
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Continue Flurry and Stag????
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I say Derpy's brother took it pretty well. Considering.
darthrivan's avatar
No no no. You can't make me wait til next page. I need to know what happens, right now.
longshotswiftshadow's avatar
I have a really bad feeling about this something tells me Derpys brother is not going to be happy about Derpy's wherePony husband
Rarity50's avatar
i have one thing to say better love story then twilight though telling her brother yeah i have a feeling this is gonna end terribly terribly wrong.
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I'm having a very bad feeling that Derpy's marriage will not end well with her brother around.
JediMoonstar's avatar
Nope nope nope nope nope nope!
This gunna get ugly.
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Next panel : 
Theheroneeded's avatar
More than likely with a lot of fire EVERYWHERE 
Blood-Phoenix78's avatar
This cannot possibly end will...
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Vitamin D. The best cure for prejudice.
TheAbyssalSamurai's avatar
On'nyun. As in, Onion...

... you couldn't have forshadowed tears in this story any more than if you named him Future Sorrows.
oh fuck... he's gonna get cut, isn't he?
TheAbyssalSamurai's avatar
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SUBTLE FORESHADOWING spelled in all caps, bold and underlined.
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and you lost your brother in 3,2,1...
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MLP Derpy Hooves (Sad) Plz :iconsaysplz: My brother actually took it well, all things considered... 

Cut to flashback


Back to present

MLP Vinyl Scratch (Aww Man) Plz :iconsaysplz: That's "taking it well?" 

MLP Derpy Hooves (Sad) Plz :iconsaysplz: Well... relatively speaking, yes.
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We all know how this will end. 😑
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