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AtN: Hollow Victory - Part 6

Updating this early because I'll be busy tomorrow morning.

Mobius and Seeker were interesting villains to make for the series. I hope I did well with them.

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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Ooooooo Pinch is gonna find you.. and she gonna kill you you BISH

ForestTrails482's avatar
Red--Pandaz's avatar
just have Vinyl turn Berry into a vampire, duhhh
AmagyDragon25's avatar
Hexedecimal's avatar
Vinyl will look for you Mobius... She will find you... And she will kill you!
That explains a lot, actually.
Animatorsnake's avatar
You... are... so... dead
atumdoxhun's avatar
Don't worry man
you did great with the antagonists
Shenronn's avatar
This comic is epic and the suspense begins to take over me
Shredder1004's avatar
Why do i get the sneaking feeling that seeker's eyes are going to play an even bigger role in this comic series than they already have, has anyone else gotten this vibe?
AJR001's avatar
Anypony got regeneration/resurrection spells? ^^;
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
pinkie pie from the rose of life (artist J5a4) got one ^^
Shoulda prepared another failsafe. For this hood.... >8(
*steps out with my crew*
RoboRed's avatar
ethanland45's avatar
People say she should die, then when she does, people say she shouldn't. Makes sense.
invadernightmare's avatar
People don't really know what they want. They always say things they don't really mean. 
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SirArtanis7's avatar
OMG, Berrys' my favorite and you just killed her off. Would've been easier if you got on a plane flown to were I live and kicked me in the crotch.
Well i saw this coming tho i could se vinil takeing in pinch like what she planed to do with the first foal the order got before her
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Yikes, Berry should've seen this coming..... Nah, too much drinking and being "sober" didn't help
DreadPumpkin's avatar
NOOOOO!!!! not Berry Punch please kill silver spoon and diamond tiara instead
Shredder1004's avatar
Please tell me that berry punch is still alive, i mean, she may be bleedin out, but theirs still a chance for vinyl save her, with just one, fanged, bite, yes i know from the guide that there's a big risk, but just has to work, it can work, right?
Jcats007's avatar
He is so dead when she finds him
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