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AtN: Friends Return - Part 8

Lucid's back everybody!

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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TRIPLE84E's avatar

Lucid is like the Alucard in the story lol

keulkitties's avatar

Woah, wtf? How did I call that?!

greyhuskey1940's avatar

what gave it away?? hmm where do i start...i do nt think ponies ahve that mane sryle..they eyse were glowing, and well everythign screams vampire

ForestTrails482's avatar
Definitely the red eyes. 😏
kacript's avatar
Well, at least it's not one of the cult vampires.
guophcvmxehi's avatar
could i write a fanfic about thease 2 together plz?
guophcvmxehi's avatar
before i do,anything i should know about any of them?
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
Send a note to me on what you want to know
QSFluff's avatar
OH SHIT dat boi dat boi 
Sanluris's avatar
The wicked awesome tux?
waffle911's avatar
I really want to see where this goes. It's probably best she not mention Vinyl specifically (by that or any previous name), but a candid mention of knowing another vampire would be a good starting point, and act as a deterrent against malicious behavior lest another vampire act in retribution. Maybe leave out the bit about having a friend in the Dawn Knights; a malicious vampire could use the connection as leverage against the Knights.

But definitely mention all the pertinent details to Vinyl when the night is over.

I do so hope there is a follow-up planned for this. This could be good once the Revenge/Hooves Twins/(part 3?) arc is over.
guophcvmxehi's avatar
lucid's FEMAILE.....

at least now i know that
Kid-Martian's avatar
Uh, how about the glowing red wisps emitting from your eyeballs, and the fact that your date is after the sun has completely set?
R-Doll's avatar
Your eyes glow in the dark for one thing
Also the smooth player vibe

Most vampires have that natural, attractive allure to them. 
Wow, Octavia and Lucid are sharp as nails. They're classy.
Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
"Oh what gave it away?" How about your glowing red eyes? Kind of a die give away buddy. What are you doing here? Vinyl isn't here at the moment if you're looking for her.
SnowyLilacs's avatar
The term is a DEAD GIVE AWAY.

And also thats the whole point,bad guys go after the loved ones of the person they seek
Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
True. But it's kind of up in the air if he's a bad guy or not. After all, isn't this the vampire that turned Vinyl in the first place? Or am I thinking of a different vampire?
waffle911's avatar
Same vampire. Of course, Octavia has no way of knowing who he really is, or that he has any connection to Vinyl.

Which is why I *really* want a follow-up to this. This could lead to a very interesting storyline.
Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
I see. It could be interesting.
Eriarte's avatar
Well, now everything is getting more interesting.
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