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AtN: Friends Return - Part 7

So its time I confess something: I'm not making this Octavia x Vinyl.

(Dodges thrown food)

Hear me out. I feel like the chemistry I have made for these two characters is not of romance, but of friendship. A deep friendship, but one nonetheless. I don't know if I'll pair Vinyl or Octavia with other characters or leave them single, but I can confirm that I will not do Octavia x Vinyl.

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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I have this nagging feeling that Tavi's date is Lucid... Weird...

CocoCandy2007's avatar

I do not approve but I love this too much to stop. CURSE YOU

Claircendre's avatar

this voice... ovô

kacript's avatar
Oh god, please don't let her date be one of the cult vampires.
Its a werepone.... >8)
Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
A blind date? Why do I get feeling that this is going to be bad?
Let's see . . . I'm going to put my money on her date kidnapping her (or attempting to) at some point. And just for fun, I'll go double-or-nothing on that point not being tonight.
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Huh oh,why I do I get a nagging feeling that this date of Octavia's is part of the cult that Vinyl was battling not to long ago....
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That's okay. Personally, I think we need more fans exploring them in separate ships anyway, if only to promote creativity. That's the problem I've found with fanon, the fans latch onto it so firmly that they forget that, it being fanon, it doesn't necessarily mean you HAVE to adhere to it.
riku1517's avatar
Not Octascratch?!blasphemy...but to interesting to not read so ill let it slide. I'm gonna ship them in my head though
BadlyDrawnTurtle's avatar
Is it still LyraBon, though? The world needs to know.
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
Yes, they're married in this comic
Cecil475's avatar
I'm fine with it not being Vinyl x Octavia. I'm more worried about who her blind date is.
Shredder1004's avatar
Why do I get the feeling this guy Octavia is dating is a corrupted dawn knight, who is just using Octavia to get to Vynl, or is a vampire who is working for that guy who killed Berry Punch?
samuraivalerie's avatar
..... I'm going to guess nothing until the next page comes out.
But i get the feeling Tavi not with a nice pony.
Gothfoxgirl's avatar
I can't help but have a bad feeling about this "blind date"... -suspicious gaze-
MadCrow553's avatar
Calling it now, the date's going to be some Vampire that Vinyl is going to have to kill in the future. He's just trying to get close to Octavia because he's working for that evil cult leader that killed all those fillies and wants to get revenge on Vinyl by doing something to Octavia.
Gothfoxgirl's avatar
Hmmmmm -narrows eyes- probably
ChainedtoInsainity's avatar
Thank you for not shipping them, at least in this comic. I can handle homosexual couples if they have chemistry, but I'm tired of literally every comic I read having a gay, lesbian, bi couple of some kind when it is unnecessary to the story. If it isn't needed it shouldn't take away from the story and main characters. Too many jump on the bandwagon: Oh look, I'm supporting minorities by including them in my work! I'm popular now right?

-.- If it isn't needed DON"T shoe-horn it in. If it works with the plot or characters, fine, I'll deal with it. Otherwise, I hate useless pandering. -...-
AstralFrankie's avatar
I'm going to take a wild guess that Octavia's blind date is one of Mobius' goons.
LSDInkvizitor's avatar
Hopefully it's not sparkling vampony - in such case, I hope Derpy will use a lot of holy fire on that abomination.
sigel4ever's avatar
i suppose that (this is because you didn't note that in the beggining)

is more sister x sister (like ryuko and satsuki from kill la kill)
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