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AtN: Friends Return - Part 1

Lyra and Bonbon are back

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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Aw that’s so cute

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Wait how long has it been since the Reborn cult happened? They still haven't spoken to the two. Well I guess I understand but I thought they would have already talked to them by now.
You know, I get it. When your friend turns out to be a vampire, or your roommate is secretly a zombie, or something like that, sometimes you need some space to get used to the idea. But then you have to come back.
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well it's time when the time has come to reveal the truth for most painfully is that truth
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Wait... if Vinyl is a vampire, how does she have a reflection/show up in photos? :o (Eek) 
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Vampires in this world are not souless. More wil be explained
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That thing about reflections doesn't make sense anyway. My comb is soulless; why does it show up in the mirror?
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I can see the reason for Bonbon not getting involved with them, Vinyl specifically, but I do agree with Lyra on this one.
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I feel like Bonbon will say no to that despite Lyra being the understanding one
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where's pinch?
i thought they adopted her?
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My guess is either not in the room, or not home at all (she could be at school or out with some friends.)
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Do they want to get into more trouble? Getting involved in this could get them killed or worse.
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ummm so they on bad terms or something... i forgot what was happening and im not willing to re-read until the internet is fixed and actually runs at normal speed...
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They found out Vinyl was a vampire and they were kid napped and nearly killed by the cult Vinyl is fighting. Do things are complicated lol
Crysithehedgehog's avatar
i hope they can make peace
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Why do I have the feeling this is somehow going to end in a foursome?
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What you are doesn't matter.  What does matter is who you are as an individual.
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