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AtN: Betryal and Loss - Page 10

Punch pikachu  POW! Yeah I'm Leth to the B
GIF Gravity Falls - Punch From a Unicorn POW! I got the top grime dawgs with me
Anger punching Fear icon POW! If you don't know about me
Marik gets punched POW! Yeah I'm–Rd slap Icon POW! Yea you know–:smb2powblock: POW!

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

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And that, ladies and gentlecolts, is how Sky became a pony version of Scar.
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i'd also like to punch this murderer
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Brain-washed, heh? Fecking arse, mate.
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yeah just keep hitting him Derpy dont let up 
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Emperor Palpatine Cackle Icon Good... Let the hate flow through you like fine wine! 
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My prediction was right... we *did* find out how Sky's face ended up like that *whistles innocently*
FlareShine115's avatar
A hug was really not what she wanted from you.

I'm surprised her sororal loyalty was enough to keep her from attacking you on sight, knowing that you did this.
Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
And she punches him in the face with her shock hooves. Great job Derpy. He totally deserve that after everything he's done. Actually don't stop. Punch him again.
Scyphi's avatar
So. I'm waiting to see how he manages to escape this encounter alive. Because we already know he does...somehow. And the fact he does that is, well, nothing short of miraculous (if you can call it that), because I somehow doubt Derpy's going to stop with a punch.

So in the big question I've got then...who or what held Derpy back?
wolf12832's avatar
I hope Derpy informed Celestia and Luna about what he had done.
Opifexcontritio's avatar
That last pannell made me happy.
wolf12832's avatar
Yep and he might have that mark forever.
Opifexcontritio's avatar
Actually, he does.  Remember the intro?
wolf12832's avatar
Like I said. Falcon PUNCH!
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