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AtN: Aftermath - Part 3

Not much to say but Happy New Year everyone

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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Vinyl just got....FRIENDZONED!
El-Jorro's avatar
So they're not lovers in this story?
It's hard to come clean about being an undead monster.
Ajedi32's avatar
Hahahaha. Came here from Equestria Daily and read this scene completely out of context. That "reveal" at the end was hilarious.
AJR001's avatar
Vinyl, it'll take way more than being a vampire to change your friendship with Octavia. :)
Pony4Koma's avatar
Chibi Octavia Icon"Actually I think you being a vampire will improve our sex life." 
What about werewolves?.... ya like em?.... >8E
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templar127's avatar
Oh man, this is just sad :(

But is Vinyl gonna bring her back?
Shredder1004's avatar
No, berry is dead, but i can assure you that vynl will put the ones who did it, into the dirt. That make you feel better?
templar127's avatar
Berry deserves justice! 
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
Shenronn's avatar
You will be avenged Berry Punch and all the others
CrystalPegasus2001's avatar
Happy new years to you too!:D (Big Grin) 
Delta52775's avatar
I wonder what will happen to Berry Pinch, me and countless others will wonder.
Tamayako's avatar
Well, it said something on the AtN website about Lyra and Bon Bon thinking of adopting children, they just didn't fully work it out yet. Maybe they'll adopt Pinch?
supersexyghotmew95's avatar
I still can't see it
s sorry hun
supersexyghotmew95's avatar
Elafros12's avatar sad....

(not being a drama breaker or something, but how the heck does that filly hold those flowers?! XD)
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