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AtN: Aftermath - Part 1

So I guess I should explain what Harmonism is. It's been mentioned before in the comic and world guide, but here is an overview.

Harmonism the main religion in Equestria that is based off of Buddhism and Taoism, as well as some inspiration from Megami Tensei. The core belief is that all life is connected and serves a purpose by a higher sense of power known as "Harmony" that balances all things in the universe. There are two divisions of Harmony known as "Chaos" and "Order". From these two divisions, souls are born and return when they die.

Those born of "Chaos" are those who promote and behave in terms of freedom of choice, emotions over logic, and action over words (Someone like Rainbow Dash for example). Of course those of Chaos can lead to a vast amount of suffering and anarchy (Discord).

Those born of "Order" are those who promote and behave in terms of peaceful nature, laws and rules, and total control (Rarity). However, those of the extreme side can take things into dictatorship and elitism (Starlight)

Each person is born to a destiny that they themselves do not know is given to them, but is hinted in their Cutie Marks. Completing this destiny before they die allows them to return to "Harmony" upon death with the feeling of satisfaction and peace. Those who do not, or are prevented from completing it, are reincarnated and given a new destiny.

Should one side of Harmony be overwhelming the other, those born in the opposite side will appear on earth aka too much Chaos will have more Order beings born.

This faith is not the single faith of Equestria, but it is the dominate one. Vampires follow this, believing themselves to me more "Chaos" but others follow a vampire religion called Bloddhism.

Drawn by Gray/Terminus:

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Man did she really had to die.

Red--Pandaz's avatar
I really think that it would have completed Viny's arc to turn Berry into a vampire and train her
Homeward's avatar
watching this arc...I just hear this song… it just fits sadly, espetially when you know the scene that goes with it
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As said in the Jedi Code:

"There is no chaos. There is harmony."

Tho, I think the Grey Jedi Code suits better the context of this:

"There is chaos, yet there is harmony."
atumdoxhun's avatar
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
AJR001's avatar
I wonder if Berry is going to be a zompony at some point in this story? ^^;
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
A goule not a zombie xD
AJR001's avatar
It's spelled "ghoul" actually... :XD:
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
I whrite it in french xD
AJR001's avatar
Oh, well at least I know the French version of it at least. The more you know... :XD:
templar127's avatar
Very interesting take on religions. Can't wait to see more :D
supert2002's avatar
welp i feel like history going be repeating again
BadlyDrawnTurtle's avatar
That makes a lot of sense for an Equestrian belief system. Good on you to not just make ponies Christians with hooves.
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
I have given them Christian like religions before I just change it up with rach new story or comic
Ashezth's avatar
You people are weird. Vinyl was nowhere near her to bite her. And the explanation of Harmonism in the description implies she will be reincarnated. Follow the story for a change my dudes.
Farewell, Berry.
PrincessTwilight54's avatar
huh she not turn in vampire why? and sad berry is in peace
Sanluris's avatar
Sans sad
Whatever she did....well, she's paid for it.
I wonder if anyone will know what she did. Some of my relatives did bad stuff but I never knew 'till I was much older. Some I never knew 'till they were dead.
Blood-Phoenix78's avatar
Well... at least Pinchy is safe... in the grand scheme of things Berry would have wanted that if she had been thinking clearly... but still :(
darthrivan's avatar
Pony #1:She looks so peaceful.

Pony #2: Yeah, but what happened to the bottle of whiskey I put in there?
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