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Answering The Call

Drawn By :iconsslug: who did a fantastic job. Can't wait to work with thim again.

I got this idea from the whole ringing thing the cutie marks do when the map calls them. It kinda sounds and looks like a cellphone.

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Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhm.... ok xD

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OK that’s how phones work in the universe but not our universe

Get the picture

If the "phone" ever needs to be silenced, use a butt plug

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Excuse me, I need to answer Twilight's butt.

that was the tree of harmony
oh, this made me think of a "mother goose and Grimm" comic:
a Veterinarian answered the phone, MG tells him "my dog swallowed my phone!"
"then how are you talking to me?"
"please don't ask!"
(Grimm is a dog, she's talking to his butt)
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This comic is super funny
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Há uma bunda no telefone 🎶, há uma bunda no telefone🎶, ligue para a carga, para pegar a linha até que seja chamado, eu não posso resistir a piada pinkie-pie🤣🤣🤣
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Now I REALLY need to learn about Pinkie and her logic.
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talking out of your ass has never had a more literal meaning
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That’s Pinkie Logic Everyone.

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That makes me question more things about Pinkie
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Well then, we all know that Twilight would look about, poke her butt, then talk to it, wondering if perhaps someone would answer
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Ah, book title jokes
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Don't even ask Twilight. You know what happened last time... :XD:
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" How to read a book " .... How the Hay is she going to read that ?
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twilight face say, wtf
good joke and nice work
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Actually, it sounds more like a {BLINK} {BLINK} {BLINK}
FluffyMarshmallow's avatar
"How to read a book"
"How to read a book correctly"
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Volume 3: "How to figure out which of the previous two books you should read first" :q
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
So many questions, but too disturbed to ask.
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Pinkie pie loves twighlight ? that's interesting :)
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