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Adapting to Night: The Hunted Part 5

(I accidentally used the PSD files instead of PNG in the original. Deleted the old to replace it)

Is this the end of our melody playing earth pony? Has her funeral song finally been played? Has Octavia stroke her last symphony? Will she be playing a golden cello in the clouds? Is it final curtins for her performance? Tune in next time. Same ATN time. Same ATN channel.

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Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

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That's definitely rude.
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"Because nothing is going to stop me from ripping you apart." ...and Murphy's Law kicks off in 3. 2. 1...
ProxyplayerHD's avatar
why did Octavia just ran to the left or right in the first panel?
it's just a rock... not a Corner!
DaCountdownOfTime's avatar
We don't seem to think in the current state of RUNNING FOR OUR FUCKING LIVES Run Away 
kacript's avatar
Vinyl where are you, Octavia needs you!
Alice-Ioana's avatar
suspans si frisoane
JamesKaret's avatar
bug report: 'Previous Comic' button is linked to page 6
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I'm pretty sure there is irrefutable proof of the fact that there are two celestial beings taking mortal form in Equestria as princesses. What other religions could there even be?
templar127's avatar
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Octavia: Oh great Amadeus, save me.
"That is your God? He was a vampire too.
Chooky2103's avatar
Cool! Love the dialogue!
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*(I accidently used the PSG files instead of PNG in the original. Deleted the old to replace it)*

double the font size and make bold for those that don't read descriptions - or don't do that - whatever 

didn't noticed till i copy/paste  (sorry) 
accidently = accidentally
tyruvelp's avatar
read description 
Keisuke4321's avatar
Yea sorry I opened it on my computer and saw the description for some reason my app crashes every time I try to load the "info" tab ... It is weird
tyruvelp's avatar
don't use the app 
use (if possible) your phones built in browser 
Wait what to dizty saving her
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This is a reupload of an older one.
Conceptbro's avatar
"Nowhere to go." I mean, there's that bit off to the side of the rock, you know, how people walk around obstructions. Not like she's in a corner or anything.
Well, the vampires can stop her from doing that, considering the situation.
Though, it makes me wonder why she didn't run around the rock when she was running earlier. I mean, she's not short-sighted, right? Right?
Conceptbro's avatar
Had she not hesitated, she could have easily gone around and potentially escaped.
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