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Adapting To Night World Guide

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Here it is, the downloadable version of the world guide to Adapting To Night. Sorry if it's not fancy or anything, we primarly focused on the actual contest of the world. Maybe down the road when we're less busy we'll design an art styled one but for now please enjoy the guide. As was said before you can use this guide to create your own story in the ATN world, non-canon of course, and have your own vampire adventures, provided you say we're the ones that inspired you.

Click the download button to get the PDF.

So enjoy! If you have any questions please ask.

Please also donate to our ATN patreon, we can use the help
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This brings to mind a wonderful fanfiction trilogy that deals specifically with batponies but in their language they are known as the Noctrali, and their warriors are known as Wampirs (pronounced with the vw sound). Anyways, aside from a few typos throughout the text, I love how much thought has been put into this.

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i know there are many various types of vampire but this one right here almost from ponyvill has some ponybats a vampire eats fruits.
I've tried thinking of why vampires drink blood. At first i thought it's for nutrition but they can eat normal food.

Maybe it's because their bone marrow doesn't produce enough blood to sustain them for an extended period of time, so they need more otherwise there's not enough blood cells in their bodies to carry O2 around and organs start dying.

Interesting stuff.   
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any war between mundane and vampires ?
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At the time of the comic, no, but there were wars before.
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Hoooooo cool ^w^ 
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It doesn't let me download or even see the Web version :( I want to see this!!!
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That's the only kind of copy I got... how is not letting you download?
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Is there anyway that you could send me the file through note? Pretty please?
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It says invalid file. I don't get it either. And, I finally managed to visualise the Web version.
Still, I would like to have the pdf file.
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Note for mobile users: please visit the web version linked in the description. PDFs don't work in DeviantArt Mobile App!
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Some deeper exposition, after my test phase I will read through this.
Thank you for it.
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Oh, man ... so many pages.

For this, I thank the author and all those who collaborated.
It was a very good, immersive read.

Although, this big number of pages leaves me with an equally big numbers of question.

In advance, I am sorry for sending such a wall of text.

Should you answer only one or a few of them, Rated-R-PonyStar, I would consider this a good thing.

And now, to the question-fest:

"In many ways, they are superior to us"

Superior, heh? *defiant smug* Let's see what the Dawn Knights have to say about that, shall we? ;-)

"Most of the time, when a new vampire has been sired, they will be declared dead to the public and,
upon awakening, given a new identity and home supported by the government."

But ... why couldn't they keep their former, real names? :-(

"The existence of the World of the Night must remain hidden [...]."

Oh, come on. It's not like the common folks don't already suspect the World of Night exists, aye?
So why even bothering to feign to ignore this quasi open secret?

Has there been any case of one or several vampires, newly-sired or older, trying to get open about the condition as vampire?
What became of them?

"It's illegal for any vampire to reacquaint themselves with someone from their past on purpose (accidents are known to happen)."

What would happen in the case some vampire would do that on purpose?
And in the case of an accident, what happens for both parties involved?

If a vampire drinks all the blood of a living pony, is that pony turned into a vampire, or just killed?

In the case an innocent is targeted not by self-defense, but by honest, not ill-intended mistake,
or if the vampire forgets to renew his or her hunting license, is (s)he let a chance to explain what happened in a fair trial?

"In the old days, it was unthinkable to have a half-breed child in both worlds. [...]"
I say, how mean that was. :-P

How many innocent dhampirs must have been killed. Horresco referens. :-(
What happened to the parents, by the way?
And in the case of a rape - be the victim male or female, vampire or mundane pony -, how were both parties treated?

"Upon death, the vampire's body is mourned [...]"
Are all of the deceased families invited to the mourning, or just the late family, the vampiric one?

"Many who tried to cheat the test [...]"
Awww ... couldn't they keep the nice and gentle ones alive?
Not all vampires were hostile, right?

Since polygamy was legal in her time, is it illegal at the time of "Adapting to Night" story?

Was polygamy allowed for both genders, or was it only legal for one gender to have several spouses?
How did King Piercing Valor reacted to that young Dhampir seducing his wife?

If they are not related to vampires, how did batponies come into existence?

Did Queen Faust choose to die like over-500 years-old vampires can?

"If not, the Shadow Lords were free to do with her as they sought fit, even ending her life."

Would she have let them torture her, in every way imaginable ( :-SSS ), even kill her, without giving them one hell of a fight?
Or would Celestia have let them torture then/or kill her without defending herself?

Wasn't she aware of what would happen to the Equestrian nation, should she die?

"While most history books say it was Celestia's strategies that won the war, the truth was it was thanks to the vampires."

Celestia wasn't that bad of a tactician and strategist, was she?
The vampires didn't win this war all by themselves, did they?


Hmm ... is that polish or czech?

"his or her word is law and cannot be challenged"

But ... what happens is said law is unfair, unjust, etc.?
Can't it be changed? Can't a demand by legally filed to the scribes for an official question to be asked to the lord or lady of the coven,
with an obligation to answer within a certain time limit?

"with their belief that theirduty is to turn as many of the mundane into vampires as possible"

Didn't they know that this would cause war with the day-walking ponies?
And dramatically diminish the source of blood?

Do those who were turned vampires still, in some way, mark the day of their first birth, of the day-walking birth?

"and, often times, orgies."

So ... a giant f*ck-fest, aye? Nice. :-S  :-D
All attendants, and maybe even staff, going at it like rabbits ...
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Hi there Colonel, to answer some of your questions:

"But ... why couldn't they keep their former, real names? :-( (Sad)"
Essentially, their former names are ties to their past, which risks their identity as a vampire.  To blend in, they take on completely new identities.  Wouldn't want the world to discover they exist, now, would we?  .-.

"If a vampire drinks all the blood of a living pony, is that pony turned into a vampire, or just killed?"
That would be death for the pony, like werewolves in a way.  The infection would need to settle within their bloodstream to spread throughout their body, but if they are already dead, there isn't any functional internal organs for the infection to spread itself with.

Awww ... couldn't they keep the nice and gentle ones alive?
Not all vampires were hostile, right?"
I'm the daughter of Nightmare Moon, and so other ponies see me as hostile just because of my bloodline.  Vampires were seen in a similar fashion to the daywalkers: a threat that should be exterminated as quickly as possible.

"Staršie-Jeden [...] is that polish or czech?"
Slovak, actually!

My answers may not be accurate, as I am trying to put myself into Ponystar's hooves with the best of my knowledge.  I'm more of one to follow the story that's presented, even when I'm assisting, even though I should ask him more questions... :P

- VD, Nightwave Studios
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Oh, hello, Miss. :-)

Thank you for your answers.

Daughter of Nightmare Moon? But ... are you related to the DJ Vinyl Scratch, or whatever her real names were?
vinyldarkscratch's avatar
It's true, we're both electric-blue-maned EDM musicians, but our relation is only in name -- Melody and I have never personally met, but my brother DonnE Starside :icondonnestarside: and her are close friends. .3.

Oh, and, before you ask: yes, Melody is older, but I did NOT get my name from hers. I'm 405 years old, and "Vinyl Scratch" (as in with her current identity) is around 20 years old, so hah~ X3
DonnEStarside's avatar
Yeah, Melody's great. Surprisingly talented fighter, she could teach most of the guard something. (I know... I am one.) She also makes a really good pizza.
vinyldarkscratch's avatar
Well of course! She really knows how to make good "tomato" sauce, no?
DonnEStarside's avatar
Yep, with a special ingredient. 
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This more awesome! I might add more idea about histories of Equestria aka I have my own Oc Alicorn as Immortal but can be reincarnation sometimes by used her abilities of Time (Aka Similar to "Doctor Who") or Side-Effect by Vampire's Blood (Due need to drink from Vampire's). I might add Bonnie and Faust into this as Ancient Herd (Pure Alicorns) as show the Herds' Tree where the Bonnie's End and Faust's Beginning as mine is about all-around (In different forms of sapient creatures).
I imagine this is a pamphlet that the Dawn Knights give to ponies when they gain the need to know about all of this. It's much more efficient than explaining it to them verbally.

I do think it could use a little editing for clarity in a few places:
- It's unclear what the laws are regarding siring in an emergency. What does "the act is seen as necessary" fundamentally mean? Is it permissible to forgo one or both permissions? Are the penalties for skipping permissions lessened? (On a related note, I wonder if it's normal for the Shadow Lord to give permission in the form of "you may attempt to sire one vampire, from any consenting mortal of your choice" or in the form of "I permit you to attempt to make this specific mortal a vampire"?)
- The Second Congregation is referred to as being 700 years after either the Nightmare Wars or the First Congregation; the sentence could be interpreted either way. But in the history section, we find that the First Congregation was over 400 years before the Nightmare War, and that the Second Congregation was 500 years ago, which puts it 500 years after the Nightmare War and over 900 years after the First Congregation. (Unless this pamphlet was written 200 years after the present of the show and ATN.) What's the actual timeline?
- The first sentence of the telepathy section has a dangling (or at least misplaced) modifier and reads as saying that high-level unicorns created vampires. I presume that what was intended was that unicorns created telepathy and that vampires, unlike unicorns, are uniformly capable of telepathy.
(Also I'd like to know why Ponyville isn't under any vampire jurisdiction, but I assume that's spoilers.)
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Why isn't ponyville under vampire jurisdiction?
Because it's in Equestria, not in vampire lands. :-)
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are you going to add some werewolves or changeling in the series?
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