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Adapting To Night The Reborn - Part 3

Okay, now I might want to finally clear some confusion. If you see a red eyed pony in the sunlight without screaming in pain or bleedng in the eyes, they are a dhampir aka a half-breed vampire. They are the child of a mundane and a vampire. That center pony? She is one of them. More information will be given when the World Guide comes out.

Another of the reuploads of Adapting To Night.
Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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This sounds like the Rapture family.

Lyokoheros's avatar
Getting hel from a sect... yeah that's never good idea... 
Cliff-Robotnik's avatar

It's always a cult! I hope they can save Berry before she's sacrificing virgins to Pony-thulu!
PapyJr13's avatar
I don't believe that it's the Alcoholic Anonymous
susan-draws's avatar

I like that detail :3
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
Leoandlove's avatar
She? I thought she was a he.
ForestStarStudios's avatar
They look like Ku Klux Klan XD
Mlp-shadow-prints's avatar
A future vampire covenant may be?
Tinyclawthecat's avatar
Hey look, it's a colt in a cult!
zekka12's avatar
the background window haha its amazing!
kilnorc's avatar
A pony that's...I guess you can call a reluctant vampire who only does what she can AND now we have a dhampir pony? I'm sold!
Clazzeh's avatar
Woo cults! helping alcoholics and people who compulsivly speak "mysteriously" 8D
tyruvelp's avatar
would like to point out that there may be a difference between a dhampir  and a day-walker 
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