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Adapting To Night The Reborn - Part 2

I'm not gonna make a joke with this one because this is a sad realistic situation real kids go through.

Another of the reuploads of Adapting To Night.
Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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Okay, my heart just broke :c
RasenganLucario's avatar
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Drink is'nt cool childs !
TheNeoStrike's avatar
Hey look... the back of my head XD lol
Shenronn's avatar
Kids, please don't drink
Cliff-Robotnik's avatar
....Pinchy is adorable in that last panal.

I can empathize, tho, being a single mother can be rough, having seen my own mother stress herself half to death.
PapyJr13's avatar
Poor little Pinch :(
kacript's avatar
That poor filly, she deserves so much better than this.
radiolarianprotist's avatar
omggg... This is too real. D: Poor Berry Pinch. 

Love your stuff btw!
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Tch tch tch... Drinkings all fun and games until you have a legitimate responsibility.
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been here done that - i was the kid - true story 
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don't be 

best thing i ever did in my life happened because of it 

long story short (well close enough to it) i called, at the age range of 5-7 (grade 1 is how i remember),  a family member to come adopt me (plus my 2 younger siblings) and she did 

one phone call is all it takes to make things better :) (Smile) 
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