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Adapting To Night: The Dawn Knight Part 6

No, Derpy. You are not. We will check in with Vinyl next week!

Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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Oh man! @#$% just got real!
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Derpy's a mum.
I'm surprised the vampires haven't found out who the families are of the Dawn Knights and targeted them
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I'm reading a comic about murder and vampire horses.

And I love it.
It's really difficult to wait a whole week for these comics to update, but I guess that just shows how interesting they are. Good work. 
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You can see the comics a week early by joining the patreon.
I wish I had a good middle class job that would let me support cool art like this though.
thanks for the suggestion. I guess in a way it would be the same thing though, still a week apart.
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Well whatever just happened, it made a really pretty light show.
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The Sun Goddess' work is never done...:( (Sad) 
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Things ain't look good for Vinyl...
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To answer your question Derpy, nope... :XD:
Derpy already knows Vinyl though. Surely she knew about Vinyl's vampire status already before when she was trying to talk with her and Octavia.
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That depends. How far past her bedtime does your daughter stay up when you're not there to tuck her in? For all I know, Dinky's going to throw a rave that'll keep her up until you get home at dawn.
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I sure hope the Dawn Guard pays for Derpy's overtime.
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From what I can see here, this order is some kind of elite unit from the Equestrian Police Forces or Armed Forces or Secret Services.
With such a status, some benefits are bound to be readily available for the members.
I think.
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Uh oh. My "Misunderstood Protagonist Cliche" senses are tingling.
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