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Adapting To Night: The Dawn Knight Part 3

Charge! Asuna (Charge) [V1] 

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LunaErikaDelesterFox's avatar

Nice suble nod to Vampolance by Odub Scribbler by saying Vorne's fang. If I recall correctly Melody Song was also Vinyl's name in that one too.

TheBrandonian's avatar
Daw, she thinks she stands a chance. That's cute.
LeDerpu's avatar
Thank you for that EPIC Sao reference
AniaAmy's avatar
Why is this mare so similar to Amethyst Star? She even has blue crystals as a cutiemark. Not diamonds but still. :o
Unlimited-Sky2's avatar
Leoandlove's avatar
Shes crying if you look closely
"Dear purple and indigo pony, if you fell in love with the blue vampire, may you join him again in the afterlife."
XD I was bored
mirtar34's avatar
after a blow like that, I'm surprised there isn't a mess on derpy's hooves. 
AJR001's avatar
Famous last words there... :XD:
FralLeman's avatar
Oh no, I believe it is you...who are dead!Squishy Derpy Icon 
Animatorsnake's avatar
When I started reading this comic, I listened to this song with it... and I realized how horrible a choice I made…
This song ruined the moment
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WhiteFreak14's avatar
Y'know, I used to enjoy this story.

It was a clever twist on a theory that may or may not be true, and it made you think. Like, for real. Then there was a cult, now there are "Dawn Knight" things, not to mention Derpy is one of them, and everything is just starting to give me a real headache. Maybe if the story stuck with telling about Vinyl's past and doing her best not to be found out by her friends, I would find more enjoyment in this. But alas, tis not the case.

And yes, you could argue that doing risky things means it'll be remembered more, and I won't deny this for a second. But I also won't deny that with risks come... well... risks, if that makes any sense. Not everything works, and people have to understand that.

I won't say that this is right. If you like the story, good for you, you found something about it that I didn't. But to me, this is just a confusing mess of a story that may eventually spiral down further into the "Oh no..." list. Yeah, you know the one. The one where you put all the stories that messed up and just became convoluted.

Alright, well, I said what I needed to say. Feel free to call me an asshole, or whatever. Honestly by this point nothing can phase me. XD
FluffyMarshmallow's avatar
It would be great if she could be captured and questioned but it looks like she will probably die. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.
icegirl19's avatar
Sturmlion1's avatar
I don't think she's dead Vampire...
dra600's avatar
*your leader get's killed in one hit*
*charges head on at the pony who killed such leader in one hit*

*I facehoof*
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Well ... I guess that's dedication.
Gotta admit she's very dedicated, I guess.
Blood-Phoenix78's avatar
Oh sure... charge the pony that just killed a Vampony in one hit... that'll work.
MrOmg82's avatar
What would went wrong?
You know you're not ninjas, right? The ninja code shouldn't apply. You're not required to attack one at a time.
Alpha-Lion2064's avatar
If they were ninjas then they shouldn't even be out in the open speaking, let along attacking.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Seriously?! You saw what she did and you think the best course of action is attack? Well that was stupid.
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