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Adapting To Night: The Dawn Knight - Part 2

Fun fact about vampires in this series. If their eyes go colorless like this one's in the third panel. It means they are dead.

Like dead dead. Dead forever. Dead as a dodo. Deader then... well you get the idea.

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derpy: i see even these fools are fooled by my innocent act

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Derpy Wins
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Shock through the Heart
And you're to blame.
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Darlin You give love

a bad name (😅)

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As good as this comic is, it is painfully clear that the artist...didn't know how to draw fight scenes
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That vampire is Secksy Rapeface Heavy DED 
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she dun goofed
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Oh bo ho what is there blood I love these story's and all and the art but every time one bad thing happened boom placed under mature content
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Paladin Derpy... I love ths idea!
And in addition inspired by something from history of my church(yeah I'm catholic too;))... that simply couldn't be better!
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Whoa. That was awesome Derpy! Great job.
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sir derpy the dawn knight
There's always the derpy eye you need to look out for.
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Was it really necessary to kill the vampire? The way she so effortlessly does it, suggests she killed many of them.
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It's never too much to kill a vampire
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