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Adapting To Night: The Dawn Knight - Part 1

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Normally, I would say something funny, but this is actually serious. We are losing a lot of patreon support. We've been losing more and more each month and we just took a huge loss because one of our long time supporters needed to pullout to save his money. It's understandable, but we really need more people coming in and donating to the comic if we want to do additional content.

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Derpy: "'ll die trying."
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ooooooo bad choice

you fell for it fool thunder crossu spuritu attack

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Get ready to feel the THUNDER (and lightning)
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Go One-Buck Derpy! SHAZAM!!!
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You stole my powers !!! give them back i need it to protect alola !!!
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No she isn't...
TONS of OC ponies have lightning power...
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i apologize for my old stupid selfs cringyness
just forget what i said
im so sorry
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I will, and I forgive you! :huggle:
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phew thank you Huggle! 
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You're welcome!
I'm sad there was no update this weekend. 
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dang cliff hangers
I have a theory about Berry Punch but I don't know if I should post it or not because I wouldn't want the comic to change so as not to have the theory be right.
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Everything about this has already been planned, feel free to give your theory.
Berry Punch herself said that Mobius had a special interest in Berry Pinch so he must have some kind of diabolical plan for the foal.
Thanks. This is probably going to be wrong but I'll give it a shot. 

Considering that there is supposed to be a ritual being planned, and that it was mentioned that Berry Pinch was being punished, I think that Berry Pinch may be either be sacrificed or on the verge of being turned. I lean more toward the former. 

Her mother Berry Punch is very brainwashed and may want to raise her status within the cult to that of the mortals that have been accompanying the vampires in the last arc. Not much has been revealed about them or their backstory yet but I find them to be fascinating. What motivates them to betray their own kind? Do they have any loyalty to anypony but Mobius?

Is Berry Punch fully on board with the punishment of her daughter, or will she in fact be carrying it out herself?

In other words I don't think Berry Punch just wants to be an entry-level member. I think she has committed herself fully to the Reborn and wants to raise her own status within it, as a way of thanks to Mobius for turning her life around and also to feel like she's accomplishing something for herself. I believe she is willing to sacrifice Berry Pinch at this point, as she has lost more and more of her own identity and become a full follower of Mobius and what he wants. 

Will Vinyl have to face off against Berry Punch to save Berry Pinch's life? I imagine that being more difficult than fighting another vampire in some ways because she doesn't want to kill Berry Punch either but would ideally want to save both. However that may not be possible. 

The answers to these questions will of course be given in future comics and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens. 
I think it'd be great if you went back to Vinyl now and left this as a clifhanger
Derpy will always be remembered for her bravery and courage.
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Oh, she's not KIA yet, fella. ;-)
That's Dame Derpy to you. Well, Sir Derpy, apparently, but per tradition it ought to be Dame Derpy. Either way, not simply "Derpy," and definitely not "you bitch."

Also, protip: Don't take on a prepared Dawn Knight alone.
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