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Adapting To Night Midnight Thirst - Part 6


And she would never know of her dark savior.

Another of the reuploads of Adapting To Night.
Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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JediMoonstar's avatar
Boy I know about as much as she does right now!
Shredder1004's avatar
When i saw the word snap, i thought her legs were broken, guess i was wrong on that part, huh?
RaingThunder's avatar
Why does this character look like Fluttershy.......... Actually she looks EXACTLY like Fluttershy especially in the last panel
Lyokoheros's avatar
Wait a moment... what actually happened here?
So is she saved by Vinyl? But... she doesn't look similar like the mare from previous page... 
No, wait again... I mistook bully with her victim... I don't know how I did it... that was stupid of me...
And that mean...
So just ignore first part of my previous comment. 
Cliff-Robotnik's avatar
"....where was i just now? Thats it, no more hard cider for me. Ever."

Gotta say tho, like her boots, mind if i borrow the look?
Graynote *what I'm calling this foal* (thinks back to that night and comes across fuzzy memories of some sort of vampire pony): realizes something) ...she saved me; she didn't have to, but she did... (bows her head; looks up with a small smile) I don't know who you are or why you stepped into to help me, but for what it's worth...thank you...
Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
Wow did she get lucky the pony was out that whole time? That could have been bad had she been awake.
kacript's avatar
At least she's only drinking the bad ponies.
mlpiloveme123's avatar
who is this?
i've been reading the comics but i forgot and i'm tooo lazy to go back and read them.
FluffyMarshmallow's avatar
 The pony that was being bullied by the mothertruckers vinyl beat
DragonBlitz85's avatar
Aww~ Vinyl saved her.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Yeah. And unecessarily most-likely killed three.
Cliff-Robotnik's avatar
Hey, mare's gotta eat.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Aye. Doesn't mean "mare's gotta kill", though.

Just knocking them out cold or scaring the living daylight outta 'em.
That woulda been great.
tyruvelp's avatar
will we see her again ? in present time perhaps? 
julian0123's avatar
It may be better that she never knows...
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