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Adapting To Night Midnight Thirst - Part 5


And nopony ever heard from her again.

Another of the reuploads of Adapting To Night.

Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

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MisteryMann's avatar
So... She broke his legs... Right?
Crescent-Minor's avatar
She's relishing this a little too much to be a wholly sympathetic character. Not a villain, exactly, just too vicious to be the hero.
Makes her the Anti-hero.. Think Punisher Less Spiderman!
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
Hewwwww ? Vinyl ? ARE YOU SERIOUS ? Well...I think tonight i'm going outside alone...With my gun...and some silver bullets...and...a...big...DI..Sword
Lightspartan's avatar
silver bullets kill werewolfs not vampirers
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
Ho shit i forget that x)
Cylestea's avatar

unless the yare made from a silver blessed cross... you know what alucard uses

Shenronn's avatar
Vinyl does not play around
Lyokoheros's avatar
No... I was hoped Vinyl won't hurt her... I was hoped she was saving her(end was stopping her just to say her she doesn't need to be afraid of she)... I hoped she still was good pony... well actually I still think she is, but just didn't controll her new insticts.
(Yaeh i know Vinyl isn't her real name here... but i stll prefer to use it)
Anyway ot seem to be an interesting story. Actually i get to it from some much further page... I think it would be good if You add link to the first page on every page's description. It make easier for such people like I to start from the very beginning. 
Cliff-Robotnik's avatar
She is... wasting ALOT of blood in these strips, thats just wasteful!
br4ndonm4rio's avatar
0-0 I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway
DatToastyGamer's avatar
now i'm going to tell you if you see shit like this in a alley way go on fucking eBay and order the following : XL silver Bowie knife, garlic, stakes and holy water do steps as followed and maybe "melody" won't feast on you WAIT i heard somethi- OH SHIT! and that was the last post i ever made....No, I disagree! 
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
whoooops sorry for ya.....I'll try my best to avenge you okay ^^ 
AdventurePonyBTP's avatar
No one seems to understand the pink pony was one of the attackers.

What goes around comes around.
T-M3RCY's avatar
I can see where this is going
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
MELODY!! Can't you just feed without killing, damn it?!! All this bloodspill is unecessary!!
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
I love the third panel I can have it as a wall poster
das-kommander's avatar
that's why I always hated vampire. whatever their form
DatToastyGamer's avatar
thats why i always carry a silver Bowie knife with me      Sister Location STAYINYOURSEATS! Emoticon Meow :3 
das-kommander's avatar
colt m1911 with silver ammo
+ Smoke bomb with particle of silver  

Yes I looked at Blade II yesterday  XD
DatToastyGamer's avatar
I just poped open a can of coke with my pocket knife it got in my eyes also vinyl bit me call 911
Mlp-shadow-prints's avatar
SSSSSHHHHH. When you wake up you will feel much better.
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