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Adapting To Night Memories - Part 4


Let's do the time warp again!

Another of the reuploads of Adapting To Night.
Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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I bet that she wrote that piece

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Hey there! First off, I LOVE this comic! It's really, really awesome! Second, when you were drawing this chapter, did you have a particular real-world piano song in mind when you were drawing this? I'm just curious, as my brother is a music teacher, and he's given me a curiosity in music, as a result. So, when you were drawing this chapter, was there a song playing in your mind, or was this just a spur of the moment idea for this chapter? I'm really curious as to the answer.
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I don't draw the comics, I write them. The artist is TermiusLucis whose name is in the description. You can ask her
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Oh! Sorry about that! Will do!
I take it ponies wore clothes a lot more often in those days.
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Plot Twist: She actually hates being a DJ, but can't play the Piano cuz people would recongize her old-ass famous style :P
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This is a vampire story, not a reincarnation story... unless you were being figurative about "past life"?

Also your avatar is adorable.
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Octavia: WHAT are you doing?!
Vinyl: it's just a jump to the left...
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oh there is the flashback... 
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