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Adapting To Night Creature of the Night - Part 6


Lucid: "We also find famous objects in histoy that happen to be alien technology that allows others to screw with reality."

Vinyl: "How badly does it screw with reality?"

Lucid: "Well, you know how MTV used to be good?"

Vinyl: "Ah."

Yeah insert your whole "Assassins Creed" look joke.

Another of the reuploads of Adapting To Night.
Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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it's because of the hood isn't it ?
Shenronn's avatar
Assassins creed
Nina-Dragons-12's avatar
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Hehe he's an assassin
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Some say you are a curse. And they're damn right.
Stalking others and killing them to "survive"? Can't y'all just have a sip and letting them go, woozy but alive?
but then they'd be seen
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"Do you want to give all of Equestria every reason to hunt you down and destroy you on sight?
Because that's how you give all of Equestria every reason to hunt you down and destroy you on sight." :-)

Now, Archer's references aside, they might be seen, indeed.

But wouldn't that be better than always having to live hidden,
with the constant fear of being detected and attacked as a murderer?

Learning that some creature, similar to you in nearly all aspect - language, intelligence, size and shape, etc. - live off your blood
would already be shocking enough and possibly prompt some negative reactions.

Just imagine the picture if it was learned that not only they drink your blood, but kill people - well, ponies, in this case - too, just like that, without actual necessity.
All reactions would then be totally negative.
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To be fair, Changelings only feed off of love, and they don't get the warmest of welcomes in Equestria either.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Oh, the Changelings.

Indeed, they don't get warm welcomes many times, to say the least.

But they have tried to invade Equestria's capital city, have abducted a ruler allied to Equestria and family-related to its rulers.

That doesn't plead their cause very well.

Diplomacy, honest diplomacy, would have had better chances to bring them the love their require, rather than outright invasion.

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If I was a pony vampire, I just stick to the animals and use my strength to save the innocent.
DragonBlitz85's avatar
Oh.  There's more of them.
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