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Adapting To Night Creature of the Night - Part 5


I heard a lot of people call Lucid Emo Vampire due to the hair style, I get why but trust me when I say he is not an emo.

Another of the reuploads of Adapting To Night.
Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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0-0 She's drinking blood!

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As I see Vinyl must learned, that it's easy to being a monster when you're vampire, but this if she will be monster or not depends only from her... 
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Cue images of Teary, distraught fluttershy.

could that mouse BE any cuter? seriously! XD
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He has right, vampires are cool 8)
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We are the creatures of the night. "Hums a soft tune"
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This is sounding a lot like a reference from the Cirque Du Freak series
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Would you rather be a corpse?

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I mean, who wants to live forever and see friends and relatives diying , generation after generation?
It would drive me mad, most-likely.
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i agree to that... I'd kill myself before living forever
Nina-Dragons-12's avatar
I agree to that... But i'd stab myself to death than live forever
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I can imagine Lucid wearing a Batman mask saying, "I am the night", to Vinyl..uh.. Melody Song.
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You see the problem of using a cute lighthearted setting to tell a dark story is that you feel sorry for everything that dies regardless.
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ah, i see they have been completly rebranded, well that took some time XD
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
Not as much as you might think
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opening the file, hiding the layer, making a new branding, positioning it and copy it for the other files, saving and closing it,.......46 times
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