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Adapting To Night Creature of the Night - Part 4


Lucid: cooler then any vampire from Twilight.

Another of the reuploads of Adapting To Night.
Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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Cliff-Robotnik's avatar
I don't know when this was originally made, but... i keep seeing pony Ghirahim.

NecromancerKing85's avatar
if she is 400 years old is not supposed to be a billionaire or something (for four centuries can be collected a fortune)
InfiniteHeartStudios's avatar
Dude, Vinyl. She spent it all on cider, stereos, and sunglasses.
NecromancerKing85's avatar
M8 so much wealth can be expended see vandal savage he is one of the rich people on the planet because it is immortal and 50,000 years old :)
InfiniteHeartStudios's avatar
Yeah, but vandal was a genius with a desire to take over the world.

Vinyl is musician with a desire to party with the world. xD 
NecromancerKing85's avatar
it would be really cool if vampire really exist  (but not like those Sparkle jerks from twiligh) They are a disgrace to the very notion of vampires when I was a kid vampires were cool by the way you right Vinyl is more party pony than someone who thinks about wealth and power :)
CreativeQ's avatar
Lucid dreaming. I'm guessing that may have something to do with all this.
kilnorc's avatar
Ah, any vampires cooler than Twilight. Heck, the vampires I write about are cooler than Twilight vamps by about 1000 fold!

I'm REALLY loving this series! I don't know if the whole "Vinyl vamp pony" trend started specifically with "My Roommate is a Vampire" but I friggin' LOVE the idea. Also, if you don't know about it already, great sad/adventurous story about an immortal? HIGHLANDER
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
I do know Highlander
kilnorc's avatar
Awesome! Good to know! Hehe

now...there's the image of Vinyl jamming out to Princes of the Universe XD
julian0123's avatar
That guy's a little creepy.
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