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Adapting To Night A Revelation Part 7

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Published: July 26, 2015
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Oh boy, Octavia is about to know Vinyl's little secret.
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LeDerpuStudent General Artist

okay sorry

you can punish me now
kacript's avatar
Oh boy, I hope Pinch is okay, and Vinyl has alot of explaining to do.
littleshadowsong14's avatar
Punished? Goodness, she's just a child!
LeDerpu's avatar
LeDerpuStudent General Artist
I know, right?
fotland42's avatar
Yeah, she's a perfectly ordinary pony with glowing red eyes, a serious allergy to garlic, and extreme photosensitivity. Obviously.
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For panel 2 Can i say that cursed word now?
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ashbluebearHobbyist Digital Artist
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Vinyl - "Of course I'm not a vampire. That would be silly. It would be like if Bon Bon here was a secret agent or something."

Bon Bon - "Um..."
ashbluebear's avatar
ashbluebearHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the laugh!
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Retired monster wrangler Sweetie Drops. 
Theredrighthand's avatar
Clearly she only as a serious case of pink eye.
3jaustin's avatar
I was waiting for the secret to be revealed. Can't hide something like that forever after all.
AJR001's avatar
Well at least Ruby Pinch will live although a little banged up, can't say the same for this group. :XD:
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MDWebsterHobbyist Writer
Well, the truth finally has to come out. Let see how her friends react.
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Ooops.... well the...
TheArtTamer's avatar
Oh shiz.... Even if they survive a explanation shall be in order
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sweetielunaStudent Artist
oh @^&%*&^$@$%**^^$@$@#$&*)*(%$@#@#%^*&*!!!!!!!!!
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mirtar34Hobbyist Digital Artist
Let the gore fest begin 
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flutter-butter55678Hobbyist General Artist
ooh, this isn't good.
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Maddy66547AJHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconvampirevinylplz: :iconsaysplz: Well, Time for these idiots to get what they deserve.

:iconoctaviaplz::iconmlplyraplz::iconbonbonplz: :iconsaysplz: ...
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AspiePieStudent General Artist
Then hiss and oh shit!
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