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Adapting To Night A Revelation Part 6

It's a... Yeah you had to have seen that coming. I apologize if this description is a bit off. My computer is having issues so I am using my phone to submit this which is not easy. 

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Amiral Akbar says : ITS A TRAP !
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A trap? They used Berry Pinch? They know she wrote that? Or maybe they force her to do that? There is also possibility that it was her idea, but... that would be to horrible. 
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so very awesome :D
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*sigh* Oh, Pinchy . . . And here I thought at least ONE pony and managed t maintain their sanity . . .
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It's a trap.Swag-trap the pimp-daddy EqG Pinkie Pie Poker Face  OK I had my fun and them transform into a werewolf and tear these posers to pieces.batVSwolf glomp Wolfwood? Werewolf Werewolf4 
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so does anyone think maybe pinchy new what was going on but set them up and why does nopony see that Vinyl's eyes are glowing because it's weird i know it's nighttime but come on Vinyl you are going to show everypony what you are.
And now things get violent. Time to test your skills, Vines.
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Strangers, in robes, in the middle of the night, where they aren't supposed to be, and not who you expected ?

Shot first ! Ask questions to the reanimated corpses, later !
I hope we find out why the bad guys are bad and aren't just bad for the sake of being bad.
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Haha! You've made a mistake! There are no witnesses to see us drive a stake through your heart! ...Oh, and also no witnesses to see you drain all our blood. I keep forgetting that's a two-way thing.
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Aw shit! Run! Everypony for themselves! 😩😱😱😖😖
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NO!! Stand and fight together!!
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Nah I'm out of here
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Either this is a trap, or Pinchy may or may not have been offed before the meeting... ^^; :XD:
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I thought the same thing.
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Well we have a Monster Hunter, a Vampire, a Bard and uh... whatever Lyra is. I think they should be alright.
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would lyra not be the bard??? and tavi be the damsel???  
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